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Guidance of the obstacle welfare

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c.Exemption body intellect spirit of NHK broadcast license fee
[target person]
(1) When we become a target of total amount exemption
 ・When National Assistance Act or Chinese residual Japanese receives support payment by the support method
 ・Of certificate of the physically disabled, notebook of love or judgment book of mental disabilities, mental patient health welfare notebook
  When, in household where there is person having either, municipal tax is tax-free all household members

(2) When we become a target of half price exemption
 When the following people with a disability are family nurturer on Basic Resident Register and are broadcast subscriber besides
 ・Visual impairment or hearing loss (regardless of class of disability certificate), other certificate of the physically disabled 1.2 grade
 ・Notebook A1, A2 (when there is not judgment book of severe mental disabilities) of love
 ・The mental patient health welfare notebook first grade

[procedure method]
Please receive proof in proof column of license fee exemption application in Health and Welfare Center of ward office of the address ground.
(each ward Health and Welfare Center has envelope addressed to application, NHK)
In "application window of NHK" which is in charge of the address ground after having received proof at ward office application mail or
You bring, and apply.

[application window]
Application window of NHK Telephone F A X Catchment area
NHK Yokohama broadcasting station sales department 045-212-2661 045-212-0218 In Kanagawa, the west, it is south, Konan, Hodogaya, Asahi, Isogo, Kanazawa, Tozuka, honor, spring, Seya
NHK Kanagawa Dongying business center 044-712-1100 044-712-1101 Tsurumi, Kohoku, green, green leaves, Tsuzuki
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