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Guidance of the obstacle welfare

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j.Person with a disability support mutual aid body intellect spirit
[participation requirements]
  • One where member (protector) corresponds all to the next requirements
    (1) Being under 65 years old.
    (2) Do not have illness and obstacle that cannot become a target of insurance contract.
    (3) Have address in the city.
  • One where child with a disability, person corresponds to any of the following
    (1) Intellectual child with a disability, person
    (2) 1-3 grade which has certificate of the physically disabled
    (3) One that has (1), permanent obstacle at the same level as (2) to mind or body
[contents] When member pays installment and is in a condition that member has the death or remarkable obstacle, person with a disability is provided with pension (per one share monthly basis 20,000 yen).
  1. We can join to two shares of one, and installment is monthly basis 5,600 yen - 23,300 yen per one share by age at the time of participation time and participation.
    ※There is system of latch reduction of taxes, too.
  2. When child with a disability, person dies from participation one year or more before pension pay-out, money of condolence is paid.
     (depending on participation time and participation period per one share 30,000 yen - 250,000 yen)
  3. When it is withdrawn in participation five years or more optionally, withdrawal lump sum is paid.
     (depending on participation time and participation period per one share 45,000 yen - 250,000 yen)
  4. Paid installment is not returned.
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