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Guidance of the obstacle welfare

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d.Yokohama-shi synthesis rehabilitation center body intellect

For child with a disability, person, consultation, evaluation, nursing, training, instruction carries out general rehabilitation specialties engines such as each ward Health and Welfare Center, children's guidance office, medical institution, social welfare facility in cooperation with facility.

[support contents]
(1)Various consultation about rehabilitation such as nursing, training, assistive device, medical care
(2)To give coherent rehabilitation; medical, and psychological, is social and is determined general evaluation from occupational aspect
(3)Medical management of illness to accompany obstacle
(4)Nursing of child with a disability, person with a disability, training instruction
(5)Evaluation of occupational possibility of person with a disability, support of working preparations
(6)Offer of at-home rehabilitation service to person with a disability, child with a disability
(7)Technique, apparatus development, research, the training about rehabilitation, civic enlightenment

▼Information for facility

◎Yokohama-shi synthesis rehabilitation center

[the location] 〒222-0035 1770, Toriyamacho, Kouhoku-ku
[telephone] (main) 045-473-0666
[FAX] 045-473-0956
[the nearest station] JR, subway Shin-Yokohama Station

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