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Yokohama-shi person with a disability working support center

There are various working support engines so that impaired person can work in peace in Yokohama-shi.
Having obstacle classification (physical disability, mental disabilities, mental disorder) and obstacle notebook or not does not matter, but each working support organization keeps expertise alive and supports basically. Regardless of ward to live, we can use all centers.
In addition, please feel free to contact as you accept person setting to work, consultation of company, company now.
※Mental patient working support center "patona" is targeted for mental patient

Flow of general support

Consultation, registration (reservation required)
Family, supporter can attend consultation as needed, too.
Aptitude evaluation, vocational training
We evaluate aptitude for work in experience-based training and carry out vocational training as needed.
Job search
We do support such as advising on receiving employment examination, interview.
We perform confirmation, adjustment of the terms of employment.
Fixation support
  Through workplace visit and individual consultation, we perform adjustment of the terms of employment, workplace environment and follow-up in aspect of living.

Information for each center

We carry out making of individual support plan by precise assessment

Working support center in eastern Yokohama

Address 〒221-0822
1-1-3, Nishikanagawa, Kanagawa-ku
Art building 4F
Telephone 045-312-5123
Fax 045-312-5152
The nearest station From JR Negishi Line Higashi-Kanagawa Station from 4-minute walk, Keikyu Line Nakakido Station a 7-minute walk
Administration corporation Chicken that social welfare corporation is blue
 We are doing general support of working of impaired person thinking which "we want to work" "to want to continue working". We grasp occupation aptitude through interview and mediate between the person with a disability employment to company. We carry out periodical group work and study session and, in center, make use for job hunting and workplace fixation and establish place collecting information. In addition, we cross team with local support organization and Hello Work, hospital and family and support. Let alone the person, we accept individual consultation of family.
▲The center appearance
▲State in center

Towards person of working and employment environment where company can feel relieved

Working support center in southern Yokohama

Address 〒235-0032
8-8, Shinsugitacho, Isogo-ku, Yokohama-shi
The fourth floor of Hama ship mall
Telephone 045-775-1566
Fax 045-349-3740
The nearest station From JR Negishi Line, seaside line Shin-Sugita Station from in a 2-minute walk or Keikyu Line Sugita Station a 10-minute walk
Administration corporation Social welfare corporation electric equipment Kanagawa welfare center
 That want to find a job; is consulted, and, through aptitude grasp and company training, think about aim and problem with the person and the person concerned. We carry out fixation support depending on need as far as we work after the working while dissolving uneasiness of the person. In addition, by class reunion planning in our center, it is in place of interchange and refreshment between people of working.
▲The center appearance
▲State in center

We make use of network with related organizations and support carefully!

Working support center in northern Yokohama

Address 〒226-0019
Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi Nakayama 1-6-1 Miyoshi's seed building 405
Telephone 045-937-3384
Fax 045-937-2778
The nearest station From JR Yokohama Line, Yokohama municipal subway Green Line Nakayama Station a 3-minute walk
Administration corporation Social welfare corporation Kazue welfare society
 We strengthen cooperation with working-related engine through "working promotion network constructed in special support school in Hello Work Kohoku and the area in northern city, working support company, private enterprise in northern Yokohama". We perform collection of position offer informations and workplace reclamation suitable for user. In training room, we provide a great variety of training such as thing that we stand, and skillfulness of work and the fingers is required which we brought close by the real working spot, thing including dynamic movement.
▲The center appearance
▲State in center

We regard support that "continuing" "leads" to as important

Working support center in western Yokohama

Address 〒241-0835
36-15, Kashiwacho, Asahi-ku, Yokohama-shi oak hamonibiru 202
Telephone 045-390-3119
Fax 045-390-3129
The nearest station From Sotetsu Izumino Line Minami-Makigahara Station a 1-minute walk
Administration corporation Social welfare corporation love society
 We perform work evaluations in cooperation with individual interview and various engines and think about "work" which was correct to each one and "working place" together. Work and life are important pairs. If both are stable, it is possible "to continue" in peace and works in various "connections" in peace and can live. We regard support "connected" in cooperation with local various engines as important after the working before working. We support "we work" for total more carefully.
▲The center appearance
▲State in center

Person with obstacle and relay station to tie society to

Yokohama Tozuka working support center "start" (add Yokohama-shi person with a disability employment, life support center)

Address 〒244-0003
The second floor of the 4111, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi Yoshihara Building
Telephone 045-869-2323
Fax 045-865-3172
The nearest station From JR Tokaido Line, Yokosuka Line, Yokohama municipal subway line Totsuka Station a 5-minute walk
Administration corporation Seem to ask for social welfare corporation; meeting
 It is integral by working support and life support in Totsuka Station West Exit which became new and is center to support generally. Obstacle classification and having notebook or not do not matter. We match with the person and, in cooperation with various engines, push forward consultation.
Study session "June course" for mentally-disabled people before working "November course." "Peer salon" as spare time interchange support after working for "blue sky society" and mental patients. For working and working continuation, we hold example study meeting in working support network "J net kashiopea" and cooperate with Tozuka, spring, each ward independence support meeting of honor, meeting of mental patient working support office.
▲The staff
▲The center appearance

It is a 7-minute walk from Yokohama Station! The good center of access

Yokohama central part working support center

Address 〒220-0023
The fourth floor of 1-38-3, Hiranuma, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama M S building
Telephone 045-350-2044
Fax 045-350-2644
The nearest station From each line Yokohama Station from 7-minute walk, Yokohama municipal subway line Takashimacho Station from 5-minute walk, Sotetsu Line Hiranumabashi Station from 5-minute walk, Keikyu Line Tobe Station 7-minute walk
Administration corporation shakaifuku*hojinkenofuku*kai
 Obstacle classification of use registrant diverges into many branches. It is located in Yokohama-shi center, but supports in cooperation with Nishi Ward area independence support meeting and others, community resources. In addition, we hold meeting, seminar with company and supporter positively and plan reinforcement with the employment side of relationships. In addition, we receive practical training in 5-day center experiencing various work in one that had you register in our center.
▲The center appearance
▲State in center

We support realization and continuation of working by counseling

Yokohama Kamiooka working support center

Address 〒233-0002
2-2-13, Kamiookanishi, Kounan-ku, Yokohama-shi MK first building 601
Telephone 045-844-4402
Fax 045-844-4403
The nearest station From Keikyu Line, Yokohama municipal subway borderline Ooka Station a 4-minute walk
Administration corporation All the non profit organizations and association of counseling
Map (during update)
 In our center, the staff with many results and experience is doing help to working concrete in total in needs of person of visit to an office each one by working support of various places having mental health welfare notebook (we include toward the developmental disability) in particular. We keep our center in mind to be space that anyone wants to go anytime. Regardless of classification of obstacle, we look forward to notification from whole Yokohama-shi of all people who want to set to work and visit to an office!
Center appearance photograph (during update)
▲The center appearance
Photograph (during update) of interview
▲State in center

We perform your consultation and support aiming at working carefully

Hiyoshi, Yokohama working support center

Address 〒223-0051
The second floor of the 2-2-2, Minowacho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi Kay Kay Building
Telephone 045-560-1801
Fax 045-560-1808
The nearest station From Toukyu Toyoko Line, Meguro Line Yokohama municipal subway line Green Line Hiyoshi Station an 8-minute walk
Administration corporation Village of social welfare corporation Yokohama echo
 Our center performed open newly in place approximately 8 minutes on foot from Hiyoshi Station in April, 2013.
We ask about each person's hope and needs through careful consultation well and, as well as experienced development person with a disability of administration corporation, support so that working that all people with a disability hope for is granted. Because the first step to independence and working continue, working adds all the staff power and supports and company, family. At first we look forward to notification over telephone.
State in center
▲State in center
State of interview
▲State of interview

We are consulted until 8:00 p.m. and attach on Friday! (reservation required)

Yokohama-shi mental patient working support center "patona"

Address 〒222-0035
The first floor of 1735, Toriyamacho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama-shi synthesis health medical center
Telephone 045-475-0142
Fax 045-475-0106
The nearest station From JR Yokohama Line, Yokohama municipal subway Shin-Yokohama Station a 10-minute walk
Administration corporation Yokohama-shi synthesis health medical care foundation
 It is working support center (nickname "patona") specialized in support of mental patient.
 By Yokohama-shi residence or working, which "we want to work" of mental patient (one visiting a hospital for treatment in psychiatry) in hope of working support is center supporting "we want to continue working". We accept family and related organizations, consultation from business owner.
 We set appropriate working condition through things that we actually receive practical training in in facility and companies for a month and support with the goal of having you continue work for the person for a long time in the good workplace of matching.
▲The center appearance
▲Green signboard is mark

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