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Guidance of the obstacle welfare

Important news

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Point of revision

 Because support of everyday life, social life based on person with a disability synthesis support law realizes symbiosis society to child with a disability, person, we do what is performed generally and premeditatedly to contribute to security at opportunity of social participation and symbiosis in community, the removal of social wall with basic principles of law, and the next point is revised by law to help the disabled become financially independent.
 1. We add incurable disease to range of person with a disability to bury "valley of system" (from April, 2013)
   ※130 illness (as for the details, please see this.) that country establishes target illness
 2. The foundation (from April, 2014) of obstacle support division
 3. Expansion (from April, 2014) that is targeted for severeness visit care
 4. Unification (from April, 2014) to cohabitation support (group home) of cohabitation care (care home)
 5. Expansion (from April, 2014) that is targeted for local shift support
 6. Addition (from April, 2013) of local life support project
 7. Premeditated maintenance (from April, 2013) of service base
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