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Guidance of the obstacle welfare

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Look back on one year from the disability discrimination cancellation symposium ... method enforcement; and ...

You leave us out, and do not select us

 After the disability discrimination cancellation method (law about promotion of cancellation of discrimination on the grounds of obstacle) started in April, 2016; one year
It passed. We look back on this one year and hold the following symposium under Kanagawa bar association and the cosponsorship of Yokohama-shi.
For realization of Yokohama where person without obstacle is easy to live in, we think about what, and should impaired person act, too?
 We look forward to visit of many citizen's people.

[the date and time] Thursday, April 27, 2017 from 18:30 to 20:30 (acceptance start: at 18:00)

[venue] Kanagawa public hall hall (1-3, Tomiyacho, Kanagawa-ku)

     Look back on one year from the Part 1 Keynote Speech - disability discrimination cancellation method enforcement; and ...

       Akira Tokuda (law office integuriti)

     Part 2 discrimination cancellation (panel discussion) in everyday life to talk about together 

      Person of going on the platform (the order of the kana syllabary) 
       Nobuyoshi Ikeda (association of Yokohama-shi visually impaired welfare's vice-chairperson)
       ijoryo* (association of Yokohama-shi hearing person with a disability's director)
       Junichi Uchijima (all and Yokohama law office)
       Hideki Sato (Yokohama-shi kidney friend society's vice-chairperson)
       Takashi Sugawara (Toranomon law economy office)
       Mayumi Narazaki (meeting sunflower of the person)
       Masaki Matsushima (association of person with Yokohama-shi brain characteristics paralysis's chairperson)
       Yuko Yamashita (local action support center learns)

[applications] Prior application unnecessary, no charge for admission, first-come-first-served basis (500 capacity)
      There is sign-language interpreter, abstract writing, and there is magnetic loop, and there is wheelchair seat

[sponsorship]  Kanagawa bar association, Yokohama-shi

 As for the details, please see flyer.
   Flyer for PDF
   Text version flyer

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