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Guidance of the obstacle welfare

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Correspondence to law (the disability discrimination cancellation method) about promotion of cancellation of discrimination on the grounds of obstacle

  Toward social realization to live together while respecting personality and individuality mutually, "law about promotion of cancellation of discrimination on the grounds of obstacle" (so-called "disability discrimination cancellation method") was established in June, 2013 without all nations being discriminated against as part of maintenance of civil law for the conclusion of "treaty about right of person with a disability" by having obstacle or not (as for the enforcement except some additional clauses April 1, 2016).
 In Yokohama-shi, we push forward the next approach as correspondence to the disability discrimination cancellation method enforcement.

 For details, look at website of Cabinet Office. Link

Approach of Motoichi to promote cancellation of disability discrimination

 ・Offer (from January, 2015 to February) of example about disability discrimination

 ・Examination (from November, 2014 to September, 2015) in Yokohama-shi disability discrimination cancellation examination sectional meeting

 ・Approach guideline (February, 2016) about promotion of disability discrimination cancellation

 ・The Yokohama-shi staff-adaptive point (March, 2016) about promotion of cancellation of discrimination on the grounds of obstacle

 Yokohama-shi disability discrimination cancellation support area meeting (May, 2016 ...)

 ・Approach (October, 2017 ...) about "security of information" to one with visual impairment

News to all of citizen, companies

 Enlightenment document [Yokohama sugoroku that everybody spends person who does not have impaired person together]

 Introduction of training lecturer about disability discrimination cancellation

 About enlightenment activity through interchange with impaired person and person without obstacle

 About conduct of open call for participants type estimate alignment of website construction, operational specifications examination support task of disability discrimination example

Consultation about disability discrimination

 Consultation about disability discrimination

 Adjustment Committee about consultation of disability discrimination (structure of mediation)

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