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Guidance of the obstacle welfare

Important news

Update information


Promotion of suicide measures

  Suicide is actually so by health problem, the issue of economy, life, labor problem, various causes including human relations not result of free intention and choice of individual
  It is the youngest death that most were driven into of this psychologically, and crisis driven into suicide is "crisis that is possible for anyone".

 We promote suicide measures to save a lot life of citizen and immediate people alone in Yokohama-shi.

It is suicide to want you to know

 ・The current situation (we receive the Yokohama-shi suicide measures site ... ... side to assist that lives, and is connected) of suicide in Yokohama-shi
 ・Suicide measures (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare suicide measures homepage)                                  


Inquiry counter                                          
 Yokohama-shi suicide measures site ... ... yokohama "information to assist to live, and to be connected for consultation counter"


About development of plan about suicide measures of Yokohama-shi

 "Law to revise a part of the suicide measures fundamental law" (we say "suicide measures fundamental law" as follows.) was enforced in April, 2016, and it was established that we devised each suicide measures plan in promoting suicide measures as "comprehensive support of living by practical approach of local level" generally and effectively and the metropolis and districts, the municipalities.
 In Yokohama-shi, we devise plan based on suicide measures fundamental law by March, 2019.


About conduct of civic opinion offer about Yokohama-shi suicide measures plan (tentative name) draft

   Of "Yokohama-shi suicide measures plan" (tentative name) gathered plan draft on devising, and recruited opinions of citizen's all of you.
  We collect summary of opinion that we had and thought of Motoichi for it and are going to announce later on homepage.
  Personal information such as e-mail address, FAX number that acquired with presentation of opinion according to mention of "the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information" in appropriateness
  We manage and use only for duties about opinion offer for the bill.

 [offer period]
  From Thursday, November 1, 2018 to Friday, November 30 (finished.)

 [presentation method of opinion]
  Mail, FAX, E-mail

  ■Draft (leaflet for summary)
   Leaflet (page 4, Portable Document Format: 3.5MB) for draft summary
  [Braille version]
   In citizen's information center (the first floor of the city hall) and Health and Social Welfare Bureau obstacle Planning Division, we can read.

  ■Draft (whole version)
  [collective downloading]
   Whole draft version (page 64, Portable Document Format: 2MB)
  [we download separately]
   Cover, table of contents (Portable Document Format: 437KB)
   Purpose (Portable Document Format: 905KB) of Chapter 1 plan development
   The situation (Portable Document Format: 1.3MB) of Chapter 2 Yokohama-shi
   Directionality (Portable Document Format: 1.3MB) of suicide measures of Chapter 3 Yokohama-shi
   The promotion systems of Chapter 4 suicide measures (Portable Document Format: 600KB)

    ※You cannot use postcard attached to summary version which we downloaded and booklet. Thank you for your understanding.

  ■Press release document
   Press release document (October 31, 2018) (Portable Document Format: 623KB)

  ■Text data
  Draft (summary version) leaflet】 (text format: 5.6KB)

  Draft (whole version)】 (text format: 69.3KB)

Yokohama-shi suicide measures plan development study meeting

   In plan development, we consider by Yokohama-shi suicide measures plan development study meeting.

    ◆Yokohama-shi suicide measures plan development study meeting committee list (Portable Document Format: 117KB)

   ◆Schedule, the agenda (plan)

 Time      SUN     Time       Place         The agenda Exhibition
The fourth Thursday, December 20, 2018 From 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Obstacle Welfare Division size meeting room
(the sixth floor of 18, Nihonodori, Naka-ku KRC building)
About 1 plan original bill
2 and others

    About hearing of meeting
     Capacity: Ten (application first-come-first-served basis)
     Application method: Apply by telephone or FAX by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 19.
     Application, reference: Health and Social Welfare Bureau obstacle Welfare Division obstacle Planning Division phone number: 045-671-4134 FAX number: 045-671-3566
     ※When there is not application, we do not accept on the day of hearing.

     ◆Document, minutes on that day
The     first (H30.4.26 holding) [proceedings record (Portable Document Format: 219KB)] [meeting materials (Portable Document Format: 7.2MB)]

        The second (H30.6.8 holding) [proceedings record (Portable Document Format: 285KB)] [meeting materials (Portable Document Format: 14.8MB)]

        The third (H30.8.2 holding) [is going to publish proceedings record ()] [meeting materials (Portable Document Format: 7.5MB)]

    The fourth (H30. 12.20 holding) [is going to publish proceedings record ()] [is going to publish meeting materials ()]

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