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Guidance of the obstacle welfare

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 Dependency measures  

 It is the situation that we cannot control only by oneself, and dependency may be compared to chronic disease such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
Get right knowledge, and vary; can recover while being supported by continuing days not to depend on liquor and drug, gamble. 
 In Yokohama-shi, we promote measures such as introduction of consultation or the spread of right knowledge.

  ■ Holding of council for 2018 Yokohama-shi mental health welfare dependency measures examination sectional meeting
   (as for the details to page of this "council for mental health welfare")


  ● Do you know dependency? 

  ・Brochure (Portable Document Format: published by health consultation center of 2.26MB heart)
  ・Basic knowledge (health consultation center homepage of heart) of dependency
  ・Dependency measures (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare dependency measures homepage)

 ● Consultation about dependency
   ・Health consultation center "dependency consultation counter as for alcohol, drug, the gamble" of heart
  ・We cope as part of each ward Health and Welfare Center "mental health welfare consultation" to live

  ● Medical institution specialized in dependency
   ・About the choice of medical institution specialized in dependency [Kanagawa homu-ji]

 ● Alcohol health problem enlightenment week
    ・City hall panel exhibition (November, 2018) 

    ・City hall panel exhibition (November, 2017) 
    ・City hall two-pole banner (November, 2016)


 ■ Current situation working papers (March, 2017) of dependency measures in Yokohama-shi
 [collective downloading]    

  ・Report (Portable Document Format: 16.7MB)
 [individual downloading]

  ・1.Investigation summary (including cover - table of contents) (Portable Document Format: 565KB)
  ・2.Findings (1)It is 7.9MB Portable Document Format)(2)(It is 5.3MB Portable Document Format)(3)(It is 2.6MB Portable Document Format)     
・3.Summary and problem (4.including document) of dependency measures in Yokohama-shi (Portable Document Format: 980KB)

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