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Guidance of the obstacle welfare

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a.Payment body support law of independence support medical care (upbringing medical care)

 When we lighten physical obstacle in designated medical institution and provide treatment reviving, necessary treatment is received.
 Self-pay is principle 10%. (but the upper limit is established in self-burden of monthly basis according to income.)
 In addition, we are out of public expenditure when we do not correspond to "severeness and continuation" in one belonging to households (more than total amount)) 235,000 yen before special tax credit such as amount of inhabitants' tax (income percent (house borrowed money) more than constant income.
※As a general rule, prior application is necessary

[Excel]Independence support medical care (rebirth, upbringing) designation medical institution (excel form)

[target person] Limbs inconvenience younger than 18 years, sound, language function disorder, seeing and hearing disorder, cardiac disorders (when accompanied by operation),
Kidney disorder, one with congenital internal organs disorder (when accompanied by operation).
[necessary thing] Please refer to window.
[window] Each ward Health and Welfare Center

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