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Guidance of the obstacle welfare

Important news

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7 Service to support going out


There are the following systems to support going out.

▼Help of going out
  1. Moving information center
  2. Going out support (company protection, action protection, guide help (moving support)) by helper
  3. Going out support by guide volunteer
  4. Dispatch of member of blindness deaf person interpreter, assistance
  5. Payment of person with a physical disability assistance dog (guide dog, service dog, deaf person's dog)
  6. Business such as person with a physical disability assistance dog commuter pass medical examination
  7. The transportation expenses furtherance to hodokoshi*totsushosha
  8. The use of carrier charges furtherance such as patients of at-home seriously ill incurable disease patient
  9. Going out support service business of incurable disease patient
▼Discount of transportation
  1. Discount of railway fare
  2. Discount of bus fare
  3. Grant of welfare special ticket
  4. Discount of taxi fare
  5. Grant of use of welfare taxi ticket
  6. Discount of toll road toll
  7. Discount of domestic air fare
▼Various systems about driving of car
  1. Driving aptitude consultation, telephone consultation
  2. Assistance to driving qualification expense
  3. Free instruction of driving license
  4. Training school with remodeling instruction car
  5. Loan (livelihood welfare funds) of skill acquisition costs, car purchase costs
  6. The furtherance of car remodeling expense
  7. Discount of parking lot
  8. Exemption of rearranging fee of bicycle parking lot
  9. Designation of no parking exclusion designation car
▼The use of vehicle which considered person with a disability
  1. The use of universal design taxi (UD) taxi
  2. Service, rental of handy cab
  3. Offer of welfare bus


  1. Bus ride with wheelchair
  2. Town development of the welfare
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