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Guidance of the obstacle welfare

Important news

Update information


In this page, person with a disability, child with a disability and the families living in Yokohama-shi take up available welfare service and introduce the contents. About detailed things such as systems of one one, visit in each window.


Person with a disability plan

Guidance of the obstacle welfare

1.Inquiry counter 2.Grant of notebook 3.Summary of person with a disability synthesis support law
4.Support of at-home life 5.Promotion of local action 6.Facility, home support
7.Everyday life tool, assistive device 8.House 9.Service to support going out
10. Communication support 11. Election 12. Nursing, education
13. Training 14. Working, the employment 15. Medical system
16. Medical treatment, pension , benefit, loan 17. Tax, utilities 18. Sports, culture, recreation
19. Person with a disability group, volunteer

There is file of table form that glanced[Excel] through service according to degree.
When we click the right button and save, we download and are available.

Information for obstacle welfare Portable Document Format

"Basics of guidance of the obstacle welfare"
"Guidance (hen which works, and is idle) of the obstacle welfare"
"Guidance (relief) of the obstacle welfare"
"Guidance 2017 (booklet version) of the obstacle welfare" (Portable Document Format) (June, 2017 issuance)

Information for obstacle Welfare Division publication

 Mark color color about obstacle

 Nutrition-related information of person with a disability facility in Yokohama-shi

 Obstacle support division authorized Dr. statement of position making connection

The council

Person with a disability measure promotion meeting
Council for mental health welfare
Yokohama-shi obstacle support division authorization examination committee

Cancellation of discrimination on the grounds of obstacle

Correspondence to law (the disability discrimination cancellation method) about promotion of cancellation of discrimination on the grounds of obstacle

Dependency measures

Suicide measures

Inquiry about "guidance of the obstacle welfare" homepage
●Health and Social Welfare Bureau obstacle Welfare Division obstacle Planning Division
〒The sixth floor of 231-0021 18, Nihonodori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi KRC building
Phone number 045-671-3603
FAX number 045-671-3566
●Child and Youth Bureau child welfare Health Department
Child with a disability Health and Welfare Division
〒231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
Phone number 045-671-4278
FAX number 045-663-2304
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