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  About life poor independence support system  
    New law called "life poor independence support law" was enforced in April, 2015, and system that we supported in which had a problem with various circumstances economically started. Not cash payment such as social security, it is system that human support for independence plays a key role.
In Yokohama-shi, we perform support depending on the situation to be troubling as consultation counter in life support section of each ward office.
At first please consult without being troubled for new one step alone.
      Summary (to homepage of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) of law, system  
    <example of the situation to be troubling>  
      ・We lost our job, but work is not readily found  
      ・Though we want to work, there is blank and is uneasy  
      ・We have trouble with the managing of debt and the family budget  
      ・We quit work and cannot pay rent  
      ・There is not place to live  
      ・We do not know where we should talk with  
    ● Contents of support ●  
      ■/ where work was not readily found in lost its job  
      ⇒Hello Work cooperates with ward office and supports job hunting. (independence consultation support)  
      ■It is uneasy to attend / society with blank though we want to work  
      ⇒Through training experiences in various workplaces, we do support to raise power to act. (working preparations support)  
      ■We want to rebuild / life that is not appreciated for the managing of debt and the family budget  
      ⇒We support about the managing of review, money of rearranging, the family budget of debt continuously. (family budget consultation support)  
      ■We quit work and cannot pay rent  
      ⇒We pay the amount of rent equivalency for a certain period of time to support job hunting. ※Supply includes condition. (securing of house benefit)  
      ■There is not place to live  
      ⇒We support for independence while providing temporary lodging and meal. (temporary life support)  
      ■We do not know where we should talk with  
      ⇒Including guidance to appropriate consultation counter, we support for solution in cooperation with related organizations inside and outside the ward office. (independence consultation support)  
    ● Flow of consultation ●  
      At first please let know that we are in trouble.  
      In consultation, we arrange problem together.  
      We put up sign for problem solution and make concrete plan together.  
      We wrestle along plan and solve problem one by one.  
      Let's aim at stability, independence of continuous life through improvement of employment and the family budget income and expenditure.  
    ● Q&A about consultation ●  
      Is Q person that how is person whom we can talk with?  
      He/she lives in A Yokohama-shi and can talk about one having a problem economically with anyone. But one during social security receipt is inapplicable.  
      Q consultation method?  
      Come to Health and Welfare Center life support section of ward of A house. (in each ward office.) Reservation is unnecessary.  
      Will you mediate Q work?  
      We do not mediate A work, but Hello Work is united with ward office and supports job hunting.  
      Is there payment of Q money?  
      There is system to pay the amount of rent equivalency to one made A unemployment for a certain period of time. As supply includes condition, please consult.  
    ◆Consultation counter (life support section) of each ward  
    ◆Information for system leaflet (details version) (compact edition)

◆The consultation results
(from 2015 to 2017)
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