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Q&A about 10 procedures

Non-supply pension

 Pension is paid to share of the moon which died. If the bereaved who shared living request when pension which should have been paid to person who died is left, pension of the amount is paid. Non-supply pension means this.
 As you receive a lot of pension too much when this report is late and it is after and may come to have to refund, please be careful.

Person who can receive supply

  Range and order of person who can receive supply are as follows.

  1. Range of the bereaved who can receive supply: Receipt incarnation which it was spouse, child, parents, grandchild, grandparents, siblings who shared living at the time of the death or relative in the third degree except these one, and shared living with the person at the time of one of the death of the.
  2. Order that supply is received: It is 1 order.



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