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Important news

Update information


Information from Yokohama-shi

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1. Local Elderly Care Management Center in charge of district where you live is this (as of April 1, 2016)

 In Yokohama-shi, we install Local Elderly Care Management Center in community care plaza and some special elderly nursing homes to be able to continue living in area where elderly person lived so long.

2. About reduction of the food expenses, room charge when we use care insurance facility


  Handbill [311KB for PDF] for system common knowledge (change of August, 2015)
  Handbill [376KB for PDF] for system common knowledge (change of August, 2016)

3. Collection of common questions (link to page of Yokohama-shi call center)

We link to "welfare" in Q&A search screen category.
When we input the "The Long-term Care Insurance" "ceilings" into "keyword" and search, associated question and answer are displayed.

Contact information Yokohama-shi call center
Phone number 045-664-2525
Reception hours It is without holiday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

4. Long-term care preventive leaflet "cheerful house long-term care prevention!" (January, 2016)

We made leaflet which we gathered up about "the care prevention" clearly to be able to wrestle to many people.
We distribute in each ward office Health and Welfare Center Elderly and Disabled Support Division, Local Elderly Care Management Center free.

5. About complaint of The Long-term Care Insurance

We place information such as statistics, example, reference of complaint to affect nursing-care insurance system.

6.About accident report from The Long-term Care Insurance company

We place information about duty of company when accident occurred during use of care service.

7.Yokohama-shi care counselor dispatch business

We place summary, the results of Yokohama-shi care counselor dispatch business, information about reference.

8.About Yokohama-shi dementia allied enterprise

 We place information of business about dementia of Yokohama-shi.

9.News of burden revision of identification of respect for the old special ride

 Identification of respect for the old special ride revised burden from 2011. Specifically, please see the following attached file.

News of burden revision

10. About conduct of Long-term Care Insurance Premium payment guidance

 We place information of payment information for Long-term Care Insurance Premium by call to carry out from February, 2009.

11.About major medical service, large amount of care adding up allowance for family medical expenses system

 Acceptance of payment of major medical service adding up care service costs application began.

12.About payment at convenience store of Long-term Care Insurance Premium

 We can pay Long-term Care Insurance Premium at convenience store to live nearby. Specifically, please see the following attached file.

13.About correspondence to tower which we suffered from caused by earthquake required

14.News about "day & yokohama health-style of care" forum

15.About recruitment of nursing care business Facility Planning Division part-time service staff

■  Administration instructor (July 1, 2017 date adoption)   

      ※Offer was finished

■  Office work temporary worker (April 1, 2017 date adoption) 
   ※Offer was finished

16.About improvement of life support service

 By Nursing Care Insurance Law revision, visit care, tsushokaimamori of preventive payment shifts to local support project.
 Model carries out new service while maintaining current considerable service in Yokohama-shi in 2015, 2016 and is going to shift in earnest from April, 2017.
 <reference> Long-term care prevention, everyday life support synthesis business guideline plan (summary) (PDF: 3,920KB


17.About certification for long-term care investigator (temporary worker) offer
  ※Offer was finished

■ We raise temporary workers engaging in certification for long-term care investigation at ward office (April 1, 2017 adoption)
  Offer period from Monday, December 19, 2016 to Thursday, January 19, 2017 It must arrive by <day> 
  ※We extend offer period.




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