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Important news

Update information


List of diagnosis, treated medical institutions of dementia

About list of diagnosis, treated medical institutions of dementia


We replied that we treated dementia by "questionary survey about Yokohama-shi dementia medical care" and made this list based on questionnaire contents of medical institution which agreed to publication to list.

As information placing is content as of December, 2017, there may be change.
In addition, please refer to family medicine and each medical institution on consultation as there is medical institution performing diagnosis, treatment, medical certificate making of dementia as well as list publication.

           About use on list

We made this list for dementia and support such as families. I have you understand purpose and decline use out of the purpose firmly.

           Explanation this of list item

Diagnosis, medical institution which is treated of dementia

           Hospital (list) this

           Clinics (distinction)

Yokohama-shi Aoba Ward Tsuzuki Ward   Kohoku Ward Tsurumi Ward Midori Ward Kanagawa Ward Asahi Ward Hodogaya Ward Seya Ward Nishi Ward Izumi Ward Totsuka Ward Minami Ward Konan Ward Naka Ward Isogo Ward Sakae Ward Kanazawa Ward    
Aoba Ward Asahi Ward Izumi Ward
Isogo Ward Kanagawa Ward Kanazawa Ward
Konan Ward Kohoku Ward Sakae Ward
Seya Ward Tsuzuki Ward   Tsurumi Ward
Totsuka Ward Naka Ward Nishi Ward
Hodogaya Ward Midori Ward Minami Ward

※We equal the order of the kana syllabary.

           Medical institution (list) this that specialist goes down, and there is examination of cognitive function, video diagnosis at own hospital

           Medical institution (list) this who can make medical certificate about driver's license update

           Hospital (list) this with dementia treatment ward

           ※Yokohama-shi Medical Association "doctor of neighborhood, medical institution search" this

To various places of publication hope or medical institution publishing

           About new publication

When publication is hoped for newly, after filling out "publication application," we would appreciate your sending to charge by email or FAX.

Publication application (Excel file 21KB)

           About change, deletion of publication contents

When change and deletion of publication contents are hoped for, after filling out "contents change, deletion application," we would appreciate your sending to charge by email or FAX.

Contents change, deletion application (Excel file 22KB)

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