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Important news

Update information


We introduce approach about dementia of Yokohama-shi

In Yokohama-shi, we perform various approaches including support for correspondence about dementia in spread enlightenment and early detection, early stage. We place information of business and approach about dementia of Yokohama-shi,

With dementia  Consultation, consultation 

Approach of city  

Site map

 With dementia
  Let's know disease called dementia

 Consultation, consultation
  Various consultation counters
   General consultation counter
   We look for medical consultation, medical institution
   ・Dementia call center
   Gathering, place to stay activities of family society, caregiver made
  Medical institution guide who gives medical care of dementia

 Approach of city
  Orange guide (Yokohama-shi version dementia care pass guide)
  We support place of gathering (dementia cafes)
  Let's watch together (the training of dementia supporter and caravan mate)
  As for the dementia elderly people, it is SOS network
  Dementia initial intensive support team
  Dementia disease medical center
  Specialist in dementia support, family medicine
  Dentist, pharmacist dementia vs. the stress improvement training
  Training dementia for healthcare workers vs. the stress improvement training

 Juvenile dementia
  About juvenile dementia

 Yokohama-shi dementia allied enterprise contract information

Dementia shined, and just named; or heart

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