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Important news

Update information


We issue identification of respect for the old special ride to survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake for a fee

With 1 respect for the old pass

  It is free pass ticket that is available to carryall, municipal subway, Kanazawa Seaside Line in Yokohama-shi by showing.
  In grant, we ask for constant burden.
(in the one corresponding to requirements that Yokohama-shi establishes, free)
※As for the details about available means of transportation, please see this.

Person who is targeted for 2

One that meets all the following requirements in evacuated to in Yokohama-shi
   ○ One 70 years or older
   ○ It is person with mention in "national refugee information system" of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
   ○ One where the place of refuge location is located within in Yokohama-shi
   ○ Refuge former municipalities which the address ground catches designation of specific damaged area caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake

3 conduct periods

○Until September 30, 2012

 When you apply by September 30, 2011 because identification of ride performs respect for the old of September 30 uniformly every year in particular with validity, two kinds of applications of proof until September 30, 2011 and proof until September 30, 2012 are possible.

4 application methods

   [1] You have identification of social position such as health insurance cards, and come to ward office Elderly and Disabled Support Division of place of refuge.

   [2] Please fill in application.

   [3] I hand payment notice (as for the free person exchange ticket) which contribution was listed in.

   [4] Please pay amount of money listed in payment notice at post office in Yokohama-shi.
       We issue respect for the old pass on the spot.

       ※We do not come by the handling at other financial institutions including bank and post office out of Yokohama-shi.
        Reception hours is from 9:00 to 16:00 on weekdays.

 ※ We send application to which is not applied for anymore at ward office window in one registered with refugee registration system approximately one month after we were registered with refugee registration system. When grant is hoped for, you bring or please mail sent application to ward office.

5 rates

   It varies according to day and the date of birth enrolled in refugee system.

   Please confirm with payment notice sent to place of refuge enrolling in refugee system.

   One with use qualification is annual sum 3,200 yen through all one year that is validity of respect for the old pass.

   Other one becomes monthly hire-purchase system with the number of the moon with use qualification.


But please enclose certificate (possible copy) on application by all means as one corresponding to the following matter becomes free.
※ When you cannot submit certificate, we are charged a fee.

1 certificate of the physically disabled 1-4 grade
Love which corresponds to class A1 - B1 of notebook of 2 Yokohama-shi
Person who receives grant of 3 mental patient health welfare notebooks
Person who has 4 health handbook of an A-bomb victim
Person who has five disabled notebooks
One where is entered in 6 mother and the child life support facilities
One where 7 Child Raising Allowance is received
One that all eight households are tax-free, and receives old-age welfare pension
Smooth returning home which belongs to household receiving legal support payment about support of independence after promotion and permanent return such as 9 Chinese residual Japaneses

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