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GoGo health! It is ... for extension of ... healthy life expectancy

Logo mark of health promotion of elderly personIn Yokohama-shi "care prevention from cheerful house!" We perform approach of the long-term care prevention so that cheerful elderly person can live a life like oneself on theme in this better.
It may be thought, "it is not necessary for the care prevention because oneself is still fine", but we prevent mental and physical excessive aging by working on the care prevention and can open range of it being possible by oneself. Let's begin the care prevention with cheerful house to live by becoming independent forever lively.


What is the care prevention?

Also, the care prevention is approach for person needing care to allow maintenance to improve as possible mental and physical function so that cheerful person is not in a condition needing care.

  • Why is the care prevention necessary?
    Japan is top-class longevity country now in the world. As for the number of the certification for long-term care people of Yokohama-shi, nursing-care insurance system doubles 2.5 in 11 years after it begins in 2000. Let's begin the care prevention with cheerful house to enjoy the long life like oneself!
  • Can you not prevent after having slept only by disease prevention?
    It is cerebro-vascular diseases such as strokes that it is the most a lot as factor of need of nursing care state, but things by drop of life function by not using disease of joint, fall by dementia and advanced age, mental and physical function including bone fracture increase as we get old. Elderly person needs measures to drop (life dullness illness) of mental and physical function by dull life as well as lifestyle-related diseases prevention.

Information for care prevention leaflet

We aim at "extension of healthy life expectancy" in Yokohama-shi. We made leaflet and DVD to be able to work on health promotion (the care prevention) toward most.
We are doing distribution and rental in each ward office Health and Welfare Center Elderly and Disabled Support Division, Local Elderly Care Management Center.

We made leaflet which we gathered up about "health promotion" (the care prevention) clearly. As you can check signature to influence your health, please try. 

"Locomotive syndrome" (abbreviated to locomotive syndrome) means state that caused drop of moving function because of exercise device failure. Care is at increased risk for being necessary when it progresses. We introduce summary of "locomotive syndrome" and exercise or meal for the prevention in this leaflet at any age to be able to live a life that we became independent as much as possible.

Leaflet "GoGo health!" It is text for commentary of locomotive syndrome prevention masterpiece war. Please inflect to have you spread knowledge to everybody about the locomotive syndrome prevention.

It is training that Yokohama-shi pays its attention to "walk" of elderly person and developed to prevent locomotive syndrome. Locomotive syndrome preventive training that there is easily at home of unreasonableness let's take in in life as far as there is not.

(you can look at video of hamatore from this.)

We put 11 kinds of exercise to be possible easily in hamatore together in Yokohama-shi song got close to and organized. As it is exercise of approximately five minutes, let's wrestle casually while humming song of city.

(you can look at video of hamatore (experience) - Yokohama-shi song version ... from this.)

Do you not participate in care prevention business of Yokohama-shi?

In Yokohama-shi, we perform support of independent group working on the care prevention continuously, lecture or course about the care prevention.

  • Making of spirit station
    We perform support to group working on around one time a week of care prevention.

 Leaflet "GOGO health in spirit made station!" [1,433KB for PDF]

  • Lectures about the care prevention                                                                                                                                                  We perform lecture, event about the care prevention (exercise, oral cavity function, nutrition improvement, the dementia prevention), healthy education. 

Conduct contents, main result of Yokohama-shi care prevention business

Please see this about main result conduct contents such as programs about the care prevention that we carried out in Yokohama-shi in 2015. PDF version

About "investigation into health and living"

Investigation about the care prevention that we carried out in 2016 look at this about report of "investigation into health and living".

Contact information

Please refer to living ward office Elderly and Disabled Support Division or Local Elderly Care Management Center for the use of care prevention business.


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Kanagawa elderly welfare section 
Care information service Kanagawa (Kanagawa welfare service promotion meeting)
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