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"Purpose of life working support spot" (lively senior local contribution experimental project)


1. With "purpose of life working support spot"

 We enlarge place of achievement of elderly person in company and local action to build a certain vitality super-aged society in Yokohama-shi, and elderly person pushes forward the making of structure which society can participate in.
  As one of the approaches, we introduce working or local action to the mental and physical situation of elderly person and establish consultation counter "purpose of life working support spot" promoting social participation.
 As support hand, leading figure in area and company, elderly person is active throughout the life and pushes forward the making of structure that it is continued playing an active part while model installing window of the city first place in compound welfare institution "smart breath center Kanazawa" of Kanazawa Ward, and performing inspection of business outline.

2.Summary of consultation counter

Window establishment place

   It is center Kanazawa the first floor lively
   (address: 1-21-5, Deiki, Kanazawa-ku)
   ※ In 4-story compound welfare institution, community care plaza or volunteer center are established.

Consultation time (by appointment only)

   From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00
   (on soil Sundays and holidays, we take a rest for the year-end and New Year holidays)

 Window administration

   We carry out administration of window by business consignment to Yokohama-shi silver human resources center.

Portal site

  From the following URL, you can see voices of the latest working, activity information and senior that it is actually played an active part in area.



  "Purpose of life working support spot"

    TEL 045-370-8356
    FAX 045-370 -8379 


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[job offer offer handbill] To all of nursing facility, establishments in Kanazawa Ward

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