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Important news

Update information


Introduction of elderly person business

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[public information yokohama "yokohama senior communication"]

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[elderly person welfare health business guidance collective downloading]

[elderly person welfare health business guidance individual treatment downloading]

1. Purpose of life promotion measure

Purpose of life and social participation


Health Checkups (to page of health business section)

Use facility

2. The Long-term Care Insurance

The sixth Yokohama-shi elderly person health welfare program, The Long-term Care Insurance business plan

The Long-term Care Insurance business

Local support project

Reporting about reference and complaint, consultation, The Long-term Care Insurance and service company for care service Details

3. Service out of the The Long-term Care Insurance

Support to at-home protection elderly person required

Service to dementia elderly people

Independence support

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Service of house

We support, and welfare health practice gives a service

The facility welfare

The medical welfare

4. In addition, (preferential measures of pension , tax)


Please see Yokohama-shi National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) homepage about public pension system.

Preferential treatment

(74)Town development promotion business of the welfare [in detail]

(75)Disaster supporter support project required 

(76)Yokohama-shi welfare adjustment Committee [in detail]

5. Reference materials

(1)List of city, ward offices

(2)List of ward Council of Social Welfare [details (outside site)]

(3)Elderly person welfare healthcare facility (special elderly nursing homes)

  1. List of elderly person welfare healthcare facilities
  2. Community care plaza
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