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Introduction of elderly person business

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[public information yokohama "yokohama senior communication"]

  <as for past noyokohama senior communication this>


[2018 elderly person welfare health business guidance collective downloading]

    ▸▸▸Guide about nursing-care insurance system is this

[2018 elderly person welfare health business guidance individual treatment downloading]

1. yokohama area inclusion care plan

2. The care prevention, health promotion, purpose of life promotion measure

-Care prevention, health promotion [Portable Document Format 274KB] -

-Purpose of life and social participation [Portable Document Format 686KB] -

-Available facility [Portable Document Format 258KB] -

  • No. 21 welfare center for the old
  • No. 22 elderly person rest training facility fureyuIn detail (outside site)]
  • No. 23 old man rest house

3. Service out of the The Long-term Care Insurance

-Support [Portable Document Format 337KB] - to at-home protection elderly person required

  • As for No. 24 material, as for the elderly people, it is everyday life tool (Anshin Denwa (emergency help call)) loan business
  • No. 25 elderly person meal service business
  • No. 26 life support service elderly person watches; collaboration business (life relief support business)Details]
  • As for No. 27 material, as for the elderly people, it is everyday life tool (paper diaper) payment business
  • No. 28 visit law of nature beauty service business
  • No. 29 going out support service business
  • As for the No. 30 bedridden elderly people at home, it is visit dental practice businessDetails]
  • As for the people having difficulty with No. 31 going to hospital, it is visit dental practice businessDetails]
  • No. 32 life support short stay business
  • No. 33 visit instruction business
  • No. 34 halfway person with a disability local action center
  • No. 35 at-home rehabilitation business

-Support [Portable Document Format 289KB] - for dementia elderly people

  • No. 36 dementia elderly person health welfare consultation business 
  • No. 37 yokohama dementia call centerDetails] 
  • ▸▸▸Kanagawa dementia call center is this
  • No. 38 dementia elderly person emergency correspondence business
  • No. 39 loitering dementia elderly person area support projectDetails]
  • No. 40 dementia disease medical center businessDetails]


-Service [Portable Document Format 288KB] - of house

  • No. 49 Yokohama-shi private enterprise house relief entering businessIn detail (outside site)]
  • Consultation business of No. 50 Yokohama-shi houseDetails]
  • No. 51 elderly person moving to promotion business 

-Support [Portable Document Format 300KB] - to welfare health practice

  • No. 52 yokohamafureai grantIn detail (outside site)]
  • No. 53 Yokohama-shi care prevention, life support service assistance businessDetails]
  • No. 54 elderly person purpose of life activity promotion assistance business  

-Welfare institutions [Portable Document Format 325KB] -

  • No. 58 nursing home for the elderly
  • No. 59 economical life-care facility (type A) (nursing care center)
  • No. 60 community care plaza maintenance administration businessDetails]
  • No. 61 stroke, nerve backbone center administration businessDetails]

-Medical welfare [Portable Document Format 239KB] -

  • No. 62 medical system for elder senior citizensDetails]
  • No. 63 severeness person with a disability medical expenses support businessDetails]

-Other [Portable Document Format 229KB] -

4. In addition, (reduction of taxes of pension , tax)

-Pension [PDF174KB] -


-Reduction of taxes - [Portable Document Format 295KB] of utilities, tax

  • Medical expenses subtraction such as No. 69 The Long-term Care Insurance servicesDetails]
  • Allowance for disabled persons of income tax of No. 70 elderly person
  • Allowance for disabled persons of municipal tax, prefectural tax of No. 71 elderly person
  • Reduction system of property tax for No. 72 barrier-free house which we repairedDetails]
  • No. 73 oversized garbage processing feeDetails]
  • No. 74 water rate, sewerage system usage fee relationsDetails]

-Other support [Portable Document Format 244KB] -

  • Support of getting out No. 75 garbageDetails]
  • System that absentee vote is possible by No. 76 mail at homesDetails]

-Town development, anti-disaster measures, welfare adjustment Committee [Portable Document Format 239KB] - of the welfare

  • Town development promotion business of No. 77 welfareDetails]
  • No. 78 disaster tower support project required 
  • No. 79 Yokohama-shi welfare adjustment CommitteeDetails]

5. Reference materials

(1)List of city, ward offices

(2)List of ward Council of Social Welfare [In detail (outside site)]

(3)Elderly person welfare healthcare facility (special elderly nursing homes)
  List of elderly person welfare healthcare facilities
  Community care plaza

(4)Change [Portable Document Format 123KB] of Yokohama-shi elderly person population

(5)Yokohama-shi distinction elderly person population [Portable Document Format 132KB]


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