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Important news

Update information


Mail delivery service for The Long-term Care Insurance companies

Important news
I would like e-mail address registration to "care information service Kanagawa"!

 About mail delivery from Yokohama-shi, we delivered by Yokohama-shi mailing list, but, from April 1, 2013, delivery by "Yokohama-shi mailing list" was finished to cope with new services by law revision and unified in mail delivery system of "care information service Kanagawa" until now.
 Therefore, as for the companies which we do not register of e-mail address to "care information service Kanagawa", I would like address registration to "care information service Kanagawa". (all of address registered companies is not necessary for this registration anymore to "care information service Kanagawa".)

 * Leaflet for news is this

[address registration method to care information service Kanagawa]
 You log in from next "care information service Kanagawa" login screen, and please register address.

 "Care information service Kanagawa" login screen

 About method of registration, please refer to manual.

 * About registration to "care information service Kanagawa" mail delivery system

 ※It has been already notified each office of ID and password of office necessary for registration by Kanagawa welfare service promotion meeting.
 Please ask Kanagawa welfare service promotion meeting in reference to the manual mentioned above by any chance when ID and password are unknown.

 ※In addition, (the care prevention) we send email directly as before for a short term from advanced age facility section about entrance life care, (the care prevention) short-term entrance medical treatment care, (the care prevention) identification facility resident life care, care for the elder welfare institution, care for the elder healthcare facility, care medical treatment type medical facilities.
 Please refer to old facility section (045-671-3923) for the details.

Past main transmission contents 

  • About the handling such as applications using personal number (my number) in nursing-care insurance systemNEW

・ Notice (Portable Document Format 255KB) from Yokohama-shi
・ Document 1 "The Long-term Care Insurance latest information vol .506" of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Portable Document Format 1,189KB) 
・ About document 2 "office work using personal number (my number) in care companies" of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Portable Document Format 436KB) 

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We obtain Adobe ReaderTo Adobe Reader download page
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