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Important news

Update information


Kensuke 792nd
August 15, 2011

Administration corporation representative
Designated home care support office manager
Mayor of community-based care for the elder welfare institution facility
Mayor of care insurance facility facility
Local Elderly Care Management Center representative
Designated municipalities office work trust corporation representative

Health and Social Welfare Bureau The Long-term Care Insurance section manager

About registration of e-learning system for authorized investigators and attendance (notice)

 We are always granted effort with conduct of nursing-care insurance system and are very grateful.
By the way, e-learning system for the purpose of improvement of ability for investigation of authorized investigator was developed by carrying out learning with collection of national test and teaching materials, problems in certification for long-term care adequacy business of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare conduct.
Therefore, about registration of care manager belonging to your office, we would appreciate your considering.

Characteristic of e-learning system for 1 authorization investigator

 e-learning system for authorized investigators is learning support system for authorized investigator provided on the Internet.
In "course offered by this system for authorized investigators," "collection of problems" which "whole country test" and "the learning teaching materials" using video grasping your understanding degree learn about definition of basic way of thinking and each investigation item is recorded. Because each investigator pushes forward learning to own understanding degree, we can deepen knowledge about authorization investigation.
In addition, we get tendency of weak point and understanding degree in the local government and may utilize this learning results in the training for adequacy, equalization of authorized investigation, but may not do analyses of result by individual and office unit.

Person who is targeted for 2

 Next which hopes for attendance in one meeting all two requirements

  1. Care manager which belongs to city office (designated home care support office, community-based care for the elder welfare institution, care insurance facility, Local Elderly Care Management Center, designated municipalities office work trust corporation) catching trust of authorized investigation from Motoichi
  2. One that is engaging in authorized investigation as investigator now

3 application methods

 Please file for e-learning system attendance application than electronic application report service for authorized investigators.
 ※It is only for office in Yokohama-shi.
(page of "training connection" toward information for "elderly person" of Yokohama-shi top page → life menu → elderly person welfare → company → ".certification for long-term care investigation related information 1" "e-learning attendance application, please click this".)

Flow until use of 4 e-learning

  1. We take lectures by electronic application and apply and file  
  2. Processing completion notice message arrives to registration address

    As address is wrong when email does not arrive on (except Saturday and Sunday) during 2-3 days, or it may be for reception refusal setting of email from PC, after confirmation, please contact Nursing Care Insurance Section.

  3. Welcome email of use start arrives from Health and Social Welfare Bureau Nursing Care Insurance Section

    We deliver after the registration procedure completion in Nursing Care Insurance Section.
    As URL, login ID, password of e-learning system are listed in welcome email, please keep carefully.
    [delivery time of welcome email]
    We deliver notice of processing completion by 20th in reception ..., this month by 1-15 days
    We deliver notice of processing completion by 5th in reception ... next month by 16-31 days

  4. We input ID, password and log in to e-learning system

    As for the first time, "input of basic information" is necessary "agreement to Terms of Use".

  5. Use start of e-learning

    We choose "course for authorized investigators". After "national test," we can push forward learning with collection of teaching materials, problems.

Health and Social Welfare Bureau Nursing Care Insurance Section
Authorized charge 045-681-1567

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