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Page of Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance

<Retiree Health Care System>

With Retiree Health Care System
 Medical expenses burdens of National Health Insurance increase by retired employee moving to National Health Insurance from employee health insurance such as companies after the Retirement which the medical need is sublimed into. Payment costs for Retirement person insured and the dependent (medical expenses except contribution of person insured) are served by grant from employee health insurance such as companies separately from general person insured to correct difference between such a medical insurance system.
 About calculation method of premium and payment with Retirement person insured and general person insured is not different, but when Retiree Health Care System is not applied appropriately, invite increase of medical expenses which national health insurance bears, and is connected for extra increase of premium burden. Therefore, please report one corresponding to Retiree Health Care System in National Health Insurance members by all means.

Target person
 One that becomes Retirement person insured (the person)
 By March 31, 2015, one fitting all of next conditions becomes Retirement person insured (the person).

(1) We take out National Health Insurance.
(2) We are not older than 65 years old.
(3) There is participation period of employed pension such as Employee Pension Plan (Kosei Nenkin), mutual pension (or to after 40 years old more than ten years) more than 20 years and can receive supply such as old age public welfare (Retirement mutual aid) pension , old age (Retirement) pension , old age (Retirement) pension in total.
During participation period of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), we do not become a target of calculation.

 One that becomes dependent
 One fitting all of next conditions becomes dependent of Retirement person insured.

(1) We take out National Health Insurance.
(2) We are not older than 65 years old.
(3) It applies to relation of the chart below.
(4) It becomes household where is the same as Retirement person insured.
(5) We maintain living by Retirement person insured (the person), and income amount of money (※) over the next one year is less than 1,300,000 yen (with less than 1,800,000 yen in one 60 years or older, one of person with a physical disability).
We point to net total of income amount of money that we included public pension or unemployment insurance in. In addition, temporary incomes such as the retirement bonus do not include.

Range of dependent

But spouse (including the death) is detected only in father, mother, child of spouse and spouse at the time of non-notice.

Method of report
 One corresponding to Retiree Health Care System has next, and please tell ward office. The said day is from the day when entitlement of pension occurred.

 <thing necessary for report>
Rente, decision letter of advice (supply decision letter of advice)
Private seal (thing using vermilion)
Health insurance card (when we have already taken out National Health Insurance)
Qualification loss certificate of insurance in front
(when we take out National Health Insurance newly)
Identity verification documents
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