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Page of Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance

<about news) of notice of medical expenses (medical expenses >

In Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance, I send "medical expenses notice" that the total sum of medical expenses of all the households which consulted medical institution once a year is shown to family nurturer.

Notice of medical expenses is news to send to have you deepen recognition about structure of medical expenses burden of National Health Insurance and your health (if there is not testee in household, it is not sent).
 Please refer to each ward office Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section for the details.

<about report of notice of medical expenses and medical expenses subtraction in

Notice of medical expenses for medical treatment ships in (Tue) for medical treatment on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 and 13th in ... December in  January, 2017. It is the next day of shipment one week after ... to reach all of you.
 ※ We guided with shipment at first on March 6, but it is shipment on 13th because defect in making became clear about notice of some households when we are accompanied toward the applicable household. I am sorry to cause trouble.

 In addition, in the case of report of medical expenses subtraction, we came to be able to use notice of medical expenses which insurer of employee health insurance issues by taxation system revision as substitute of "the details of medical expenses subtraction" in 2017, but it is the same and is not available for substitute of "the details of medical expenses subtraction" because medical expenses notice that Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance issues does not meet requirements that the National Tax Agency establishes. When it is reported medical expenses subtraction, we hope that we have sorry for your inconvenience, but you make "the details of medical expenses subtraction" by yourself.

Please inquire whether you have you confirm on  homepage of the National Tax Agency about the details of medical expenses subtraction to taxation office having jurisdiction over area to live.


※ As for the medical system for elder senior citizens (75 years old or older ※ some 65 years old or older), please see this.

Is Q why shipment time the beginning of March? I want notice earlier.

It becomes in season in the shortest in yoku々tsuki of medical treatment month to be able to confirm information (receipt) at the time of medical institution consultation in structure of A medical service under health insurance in Yokohama-shi. Therefore it is shipment in the beginning of March in the shortest to start data handling and print with computer, enclosure sealing work in the middle of February when we can confirm information for medical treatment in December. Thank you for your understanding.
  In addition, we examine review including period or shipment time when notice intends to inflect to medical expenses subtraction in future.



<about the handling of personal information in notice of medical expenses >
 It corresponds to third party offer of personal information to send notice of medical expenses of all the households to family nurturer, but judges to have had agreement according to guidelines on country when there is not communication of not agreeing from the person because it is difficult to confirm intention of all the members beforehand. When we do not agree that we send notice of medical expenses to family nurturer, I would like notification to each ward office Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section.

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