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Page of Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance

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With payment of National Health Insurance

When there were delivery and the death again when we do disease and injury, and doctor cost, member of National Health Insurance only pays a part of total medical expenses and can receive medical treatment and can receive supply of cash.  

Payment of medical treatment

 If show health insurance card (person excluding medical system for elder senior citizens puts together at 74 years old from 70 years old, and need "identification of old recipient, too") in window of hospital, clinics ; co-payment (30% of medical expenses . 10% (※ 1) or 30%, preschool children (※ 2) only pay 20%), and person 70 years or older is caught medical treatment of doctor.
 ※It became 20% from 1 April, 2008, but was left unredeemed to 10% by public money for the duration.
 ※After reaching 2 6 years old; child until the end of first March  

Total medical expenses  
☆It is ... retired employee medical care about person who resigns from companies, and receives pension
☆It is one ...70 year or older about payment of medical treatment of one 70 years or older
☆It is ... medical system for elder senior citizens about co-payment of one 75 years or older

Various payment

Other systems

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