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Page of Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance

What is <National Health Insurance?>

It is system of each other's cooperation

 All us want to always live well. However, we do not know you get sick, and when you have injury. You must take out some kind of medical insurance in such a case so that it is treated in peace.
  National Health Insurance is system that all the members contribute money and help each other for what-if time.  

It is ... with National Health Insurance

 In medical insurance system, there is "National Health Insurance" that other people join "medical system for elder senior citizens" that "employee health insurance" to join through the workplace and person 75 years or older join.
 National Health Insurance (National Health Insurance) is made with local unit, and each municipality (insurer) runs.
 And, other than the job (person who and is on welfare) joining employee health insurance, it is established by law so that all takes out National Health Insurance.  

Medical expenses is supported with premium.

 Member of National Health Insurance has "duty" to have you pay premium while we have "right" to receive medical treatment by insurance.

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