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<National Health Insurance charges estimate>


We can estimate National Health Insurance charges.

Please read the following attention and confirmation matter in estimate by all means.
※※※※※※※※※ Attention and confirmation matter ※※※※※※※※※

1. Calculation result is just estimate. For reference, please use.

2. Insurance rate of 2018 was decided on May 25.

  Income percent rate Per capita rate rate (sum) The levy ceiling
For medical care 7.09% 33,530 yen 580,000 yen
For support 2.11% 10,130 yen 190,000 yen
For care 2.04% 12,450 yen 160,000 yen

3. It does not support all systems in premium calculation.
  The following case may not calculate premium definitely.

 When member does transfer of qualifications such as participation or withdrawal on the way in the year
 When there is member becoming 75 years old by the end of the year
 When we receive application of carrying forward subtraction of sloppy loss
 When special subtraction of capital gain includes land buildings of separate taxation
 When there is person receiving full-time union official subtraction
 When there is receipt with full-time union official salary
When there is authorized same household position person () in household
 When we receive application of burden mild measures by employment change and other reduction of taxes

 When we receive application of premium reduction of taxes of household where child is
 When input matter has error and leak

  We explain authorized same household position person.

4. As increase minute additional for care with premium in the birth moon next month (in the one born in 1st this month)
  We will tell, but calculate including the amount by estimate beforehand.

You have you understand about the above, and please advance from lower link to estimate page.


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