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Page of Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance

Do you know <generic medicine (generic drug)?>

Generic medicine is pharmaceutical product having active ingredient same as starting pharmaceutical products which are sold after patent of starting pharmaceutical products (new medicine) expired.
Point 1: It may be said that it is generally cheap and is more economical than starting pharmaceutical products.
It leads to reduction of self-burden of everybody, improvement of Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance finance.

Point 2: Effect and safety are approximately equal to starting pharmaceutical products.
 Form or color of medicine may be different from starting pharmaceutical products.

Point 3: There is not generic medicine to all pharmaceutical products.
 By treatment policy and medical institution of doctor, stock of drugstore, we may not offer generic medicine.

★When generic medicine is hoped for, please consult with doctor, pharmacist.

Do you have "medicine notebook?"
  Contents of prescription are listed, and medicine notebook is useful for health care of check and you of drink alignment of medicine. Please consult with family drugstore.

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