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Page of Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance

<when we encountered traffic accident>

 When we are damaged, treatment is received in National Health Insurance by third party (assailant) including traffic accident and case of bodily injury. But National Health Insurance is not usable when we have already received treatment costs from assailant.

Early notification

 When you are treated using National Health Insurance, please submit "sickness and wound notice by act of third party". As traffic accident certificates of the police are necessary, please talk with ward office National Health Insurance Section early.

Assailant bears medical expenses

 When is damaged from third party in traffic accidents; to victim of fault, as for the medical expenses , it is principle that assailant bears in full as far as there is not.
 Therefore, when we make medical service under health insurance, National Health Insurance pays medical expenses which assailant should bear at one time and pays and will request from assailant in place of victim later.

Before settling privately

 Because we may not request medical expenses which we paid in National Health Insurance from assailant because contents of the settlement out of court are given priority to when there are talks of victim and assailant and settles privately, settlement out of court, please be cautious.
 When you settle privately, you hear beforehand, and, in the case of settlement out of court establishment, please submit copying of settlement out of court book to ward office National Health Insurance Section immediately.
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