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Guidance of the obstacle welfare

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Health consultation center of Yokohama-shi heart
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Information for psychiatric practice organization

 Psychiatric practice organization
        Kanagawa medical care information retrieval service

 About consultation about psychiatry first aid
One where it is visited a hospital for treatment by psychiatric practice organization,
At first please connect with family medical institution.

Weekdays day from 8:45 to 17:15 
    Please connect with each ward Health and Welfare Center.
We perform consultation for mental disease that prompt medical care is necessary for aggravation of the sudden onset and condition.
We perform reporting of medical institution as needed.

17:00 - next morning 8:30 (we accept until 8:00 on the next morning) night on weekdays
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 8:30 ... 8:30 (we accept in the morning until 8:00 on weekdays on Sundays and holidays, the following day), the following day


Psychiatry emergency care information window
Please consult
with telephone 045-261-7070.
We perform introductions of medical institution for mental disease which is high in emergency that hospitalization is necessary for aggravation of the sudden onset and condition.
(we carry out in cooperation with Kanagawa, Kawasaki-shi, Sagamihara-shi)

About psychiatry initial first aid

 We carry out first aid in the psychiatry early days when last (initial emergency care facility in Yokohama-shi), consultation introduces in Yokohama-shi that the afternoon of Saturday (from 13:00 to 17:00) and the Sunday holiday day (from 8:30 to 17:00) urgently need outpatient department as business.
The psychiatry emergency care information window mentioned above
Please consult with telephone 045-261-7070.

※We do not promise to introduce by all means.
※We cannot have a medical examination without the information window mentioned above.

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