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Yokohama-shi social welfare fund

Important news

Update information


Yokohama-shi social welfare fund

Yokohama-shi social welfare fund was born from testation by feeling of citizen's one   to "want you to make use for improvement of social welfare of Yokohama".
We allot fund for expense to contribute to improvement of social welfare widely including   social welfare that Yokohama-shi holds and business about health, business about child carrying society of the next generation and young upbringing.
  For more improvement of social welfare of Yokohama, we look forward to your warm feeling.

  "Improvement of community medicine, disaster medical care" increased "improvement of elderly person welfare, welfare of persons with disabilities" "poor measures of child" as contribution menu of social welfare fund newly from April, 2017. When you contribute to this menu, please choose menu with contribution application.

 "Poverty measures of child"
  Child, the young people making the future of Yokohama show own good point and possibility and, towards town "yokohama which can bring up power creating power to open up rich, happy way of life, society warm together," guarantee opportunity of education, childcare and necessary scholastic ability regardless of domestic economic conditions and utilize to fix environment that can wear power to survive vigorously.

 "Improvement of elderly person welfare, welfare of persons with disabilities"
  With elderly person needing support, increase of person with a disability, needs for the welfare increases while full-scale aging progresses rapidly. Contribution from all of you conjugates in elderly person, business about the welfare of person with a disability.

 "Improvement of community medicine, disaster medical care"
  We are rolled up in disasters such as earthquakes, or it is not revealed when we get sick in daily life. It leads to the first relief "then" that "medical care" to keep life is secured. In Yokohama-shi, we work on the making of improvement of medical system in hospital and area including home medical care and system to provide medical care at the time of disaster stably.

≪Request ... of guidance flyer >> Yokohama-shi social welfare fund - contribution

Method of contribution

Application for 1 contribution

    By sending of contribution application, I would like application for contribution.

 <flow of contribution procedure>

    You download contribution application and fill out, and please send by mail, FAX, E-mail.

  * Downloading of contribution application
  Contribution application (Portable Document Format, 91KB)
  Contribution application (Word form, 36KB)

        [application by mail]         〒 231-0017

                                           1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
                                           It is addressed to City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau General Affairs Division social welfare fund person in charge

        [application by FAX]     (FAX number) 045-664-4739

      [application by E-mail]


Payment of 2 donations

    When you apply, I would like procedure by chosen payment method.

(1) With payment notice in the case of payment

     We send payment notice as soon as we confirm application for contribution.
     I would like payment in appointed financial institution (bank, post office).

(2) By credit card in the case of payment

     We send guidance about plastic credit as soon as we confirm application for contribution.
     Based on guidance, following; "Yahoo! I would like procedure in public money payment page.
      →  Let's contribute to Yahoo! public money payment oldness!

   [precaution of payment by credit card]
    ● When contribution amounts of money exceed less than one 5,000 yen, 1 million yen, it is not available.
       More than less than 5,000 yen, 1 million yen when wish to contribute, I would like payment with payment notice.

    ● Available credit card VISA (visa), MasterCard (Master Card), JCB (Jeh sea B),
            It is American Express (American Express), Diners.


About preferential treatment in 3 taxation system

    About contribution to Yokohama-shi social welfare fund, donation subtraction by "hometown tax system" is received.
   In addition, when there is toward the salaried employees who do not perform final income tax return procedure by yourself, contribution subtraction application for the individual residence tax taxation municipalities
  There is report exception system "one stop exception system" that can request that contribution group performs on behalf of the person.

   About tax subtraction by hometown tax, tax subtraction for 2017 is for contribution of from January, 2017 to December.
   Please apply for one contributed over the end of the year by Wednesday, December 20, 2017.   

(1) In the case of individual

     About remaining amount of money that deducted 2,000 yen from contribution amount of money about donation to Yokohama-shi,
   Of the amount of personal residence tax income percent almost add 20% and income tax as limit, and can subtract the amount of money equivalency sum concerned.
      For more details, please see page of Yokohama supporters donation or Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications homepage.

(2) In the case of corporation

     In Corporate Tax Law, we come by total amount loss of money inclusion.

 The situation of contribution

1 donation acceptance situation               



(as of March 31, 2017)

The year

Amount of money (Japanese yen)

The number of contribution (the number of the total of)



One case



38 cases



305 cases



291 cases



262 cases



279 cases



        285 cases  



1,461 cases

Introduction of people who had you contribute 2

     →   People who had you contribute 



<inquiry about Yokohama-shi social welfare fund>
   City of Yokohama, Health and Social Welfare Bureau General Affairs Division
    (telephone)  045-671-2383
    (FAX)   045-664-4739

<inquiry about tax credit system of donation>
   To Tax Division of municipality (in the case of Yokohama-shi each ward office) to live about subtraction of residence tax
   To taxation office about subtraction of income tax nearby



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