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Important news

Update information


Investigation was finished. Thank you for cooperation.
As for the report of investigation, please see this.

 Please cooperate with ... "health and investigation into living"; ...

In cooperation with public welfare labor science study group where the University of Tokyo and Chiba University, national Geriatrics and Gerontology research center participate in in Yokohama-shi
 As we would perform investigation about the care prevention, I would like cooperation by all means.


■ Purpose and usage of investigation ■

 1.We grasp health condition or all of you's way of living and obtain data to make use for the care prevention.

 2.We assume document for development of Yokohama-shi The Long-term Care Insurance business plan.


■ Target person ■

From The Long-term Care Insurance person insured data (at end of September, 2016) of Yokohama-shi,

Among people who do not receive authorization of need of nursing care 1-5  65 years old or older on (the date of birth before April 1, 1951),
 We randomly selected approximately 20,000 people.


■ Conduct method ■

We mail questionnaire to one becoming target person in the middle of November.

Please send back to Yokohama City Hall with the enclosed self-addressed envelope after entry to questionnaire by Monday, December 5.

■ Questionnaire ■

There are eight kinds of questionnaires (A - H), and parts of the question item (P11, 12) are different.

Either one questionnaire is mailed to target person.

Questionnaire (version A) [white] 

Questionnaire (version B) [ivory]

Questionnaire (version C) [bright green]

Questionnaire (version D) [light blue]

Questionnaire (version E) [cerise]

   Questionnaire (version F) [citreous] 

Questionnaire (version G) [light yellow]

Questionnaire (version H) [lavender]

   ※As for the real questionnaire, it is printed out the parenthesis mentioned above by colored paper.


■ Inquiry ■

 ★About answer to purpose and investigation into investigation item methods

Investigation into health and living call center weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00
Telephone 0120-900-678 (free call ※ call free of charge)


 ★About others, care prevention business of Yokohama-shi

Yokohama City Hall Health and Social Welfare Bureau advanced age at-home support section care prevention responsible telephone 045-671-4129


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