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Health and Social Welfare Bureau Internal Auditing Section top page

  Social welfare corporation and various procedures                 Present situation report, calculation documents (financial statements
    Social welfare corporation list (for Health and Social Welfare Bureau jurisdiction)   Present situation report of corporation    
    Various procedures for corporations   Calculation documents (financial statements) of corporation    
  Instruction inspection of Yokohama-shi                 Standards of instruction inspection
    Summary   Conduct policy, execution plan of instruction inspection    
    Instruction inspection conduct summaries   Yokohama-shi instruction inspection standard    
    As a result of instruction inspection   Instruction inspection prior presentation document    
  Social welfare corporation facility examination committee                 Training documents for corporation, facilities
    Summary of examination committee   Corporation briefing session    
    Committee list   Collective guidance class    
    Administration summaries   Special elderly nursing home office work person in charge workshop    
    Proceedings summary   Area meeting to affect local contribution of social welfare corporation    
  We maintain private welfare institutions and are related                  
    Summary, guide about facility maintenance        
  Link to page concerned                                
    Child and Youth Bureau General Affairs Department Internal Auditing Section                                
    ※We have jurisdiction over instruction inspection of social welfare corporation carrying out only elementary school student-related business and elementary school student-related facility (child with a disability facility, nursery school, child welfare institution)        
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