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Important news

Update information


In 1 use

 Cremation (destruction by fire) of pet goes only in Tozuka funeral hall among municipal 4 funeral halls.
 Person targeted for the use is Yokohama citizen. Person resident in the suburbs is not available.

2 Tozuka funeral hall location

 10-5, Torigaoka, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi Tozuka funeral hall guide map

3 contact information

 Telephone: 045-864-7001

4 closure day
  On January 1, January 2 and special day that carries events in its trail day (※)
  (※) We are doing with closure day for apparatus check on day in special day that carries events in its trail, but open partly.
  For details, please confirm this.

Kind of 5 cremation (destruction by fire)

 In Tozuka funeral hall, there are two kinds of individual cremation and joint cremation.
 For details, please see the following table.

Kind of cremation (destruction by fire) Individual cremation Joint cremation
Cremation (destruction by fire) method
  • By one body performs cremation (destruction by fire) with individual cremator.
  • We make cremation (destruction by fire) with other pets.
The grilled bone handling
  • You put fried bone in funerary urn (the price includes in cremation charges) to set up in funeral hall, and please take to go.
  • henkotsu is not made.
  • About fried bone, general Yokohama pet cemetery association is buried in management, public burial facility to run. For details,ThisPlease confirm this.
Advance reservations
  • Telephone reservation is necessary beforehand.
  • We accept reservation for 2 opening day on destruction by fire day.
  • We accept on the telephone during 17:00 from 8:45 on opening day.
     Phone number 864-7001
    • When we bring into Tozuka funeral hall directly, prior telephone reservation is unnecessary.
    • When business trip collection is hoped for, apply for Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau office on the telephone.
      We take office of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau on the telephone during from 8:00 to 16:45 except Sunday.
Funeral hall acceptance frame
  • About each time of 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, we accept 15 kg of within pet individual treatment cremation reservations of eight of them in total by each two time. Please make a reservation with a choice of either time in this acceptance frame.
  • At 13:00, we accept pet individual treatment cremation reservation less than 50 kg more than 15 kg of one of them.
  • There is no limitation of acceptance head count with business trip collection of funeral hall direct carry-on, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau.
  • We accept direct carry-on to funeral hall without the upper limit during from 9:00 to 15:00 except funeral hall closure day (as for the telephone reservation, unnecessary).
  • We perform business trip collection of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau by telephone application during from Monday to Saturday.
Size restrictions
  • Weight is less than 50 kg
  • Size being 100cm in length X 60cm in width X less than 35cm in height in outer diameter of coffin (cardboard box) which we put pet in (we do not enter cremator when we exceed this size).
  • Weight is less than 50 kg 
  • When size exceeds the left size, please refer to Tozuka funeral hall on the telephone.
  • Time when we cremated on the telephone and made a reservation
    (come to small animal ridge office ten minutes before reservation time)
  • 1.You prepare for cardboard box in substitution for coffin, and, for waterproofing, please spread plastic bag or plastic bag at the bottom of the box.
    2.Cotton towels wrap body in (as for the blanket of chemical fiber, impossible), and you put in cardboard box, and take.
  • From 9:00 to 15:00 (come to small animal ridge office)
  • In the case of joint cremation, you prepare for cardboard box, and take by method same as the left.
Notice matter
  • In the case of individual cremation, please bring all into Tozuka funeral hall directly. There is no business trip collection.
  • Cremation time varies according to weight of pet in from 30 minutes to 80 minutes.
  • In the case of joint cremation, we bring into funeral hall directly or can select whether you ask for business trip collection of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau.
  • When business trip collection is asked Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau office for, supplier whom the station contracted calls at home to take over pet and carries to Tozuka funeral hall.
Cremation rate
One area
※Only as for the cash payment
Less than 1 kgMore than 1 kg
Less than 5 kg
More than 5 kg
Less than 25 kg
More than 25 kg
Less than 50 kg
Japanese yen
Japanese yen
Japanese yen
Japanese yen
Direct funeral hall
Business trip collection
Japanese yen
Japanese yen
 ※Weight is all weight that coffins included.  
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