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Important news

Update information


Radiation dose result of a measurement

Measurement contents

We measured graveyard managed by Yokohama-shi, radiation dose of each site in the facility of municipal funeral hall.

When they attack the center of room outside building when they arrive in building, gutters measure gamma dose of radioactivity of surface of the earth 1cm and 1m around point where the earth and sand, dead leaf is easy to deposit.

Measuring instrument which we used

Nal(TI) scintillation detector TCS-172B (product made in Hitachi Aloka Medical Corporation) 

Result of a measurement

It is click shitesai by each facility name.

Municipal graveyard, shrine
Kuboyama graveyard Mitsuzawa graveyard Hino Park graveyard Negishi foreigner graveyard Memorial green Kuboyama shrine
Municipal funeral hall
Kuboyama funeral hall Southern funeral hall Northern funeral hall Tozuka funeral hall
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About "indication" of correspondence of radiation dose result of a measurement in Yokohama-shi

Higher surface of the earth Yokohama-shi
1m We cope using 0.23μSv/h or more as an indication
1cm We cope using 0.59μSv/h or more as an indication

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