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About product (no approval unlicensed drug) including pharmaceutical products ingredient

Of health hazard with product (product for the purpose of vigor or thin figure effect) sold under the pretense of so-called health food in Yokohama-shi, for preventing, perform monitoring instruction of examination of purchase and advertisement.
 As a result of performing examination of purchase by mail order, and having analyzed in Yokohama City Inst. of Health, pharmaceutical products ingredient "sildenafil" used for treatment of erectile dysfunction (we refer to [3, 4]) was detected by 3 products.
 We asked for instruction, measures as violation of law such as pharmaceutical products medical equipment to Tokyo which had jurisdiction over distributor because pharmaceutical products medical equipment violated this in rule of law Article 55 Clause 2 (prohibition such as sale, the conferment of no approval unlicensed drug).
 In addition, there is no report of health hazard currently.
※Law such as pharmaceutical products medical equipment: Official name "law about quality, effective and safe securing of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment"

Summary of 1 product and pharmaceutical products ingredient which was detected    

  1 2 3
Brand name Straight (result) sprite piece (we do not pass through result) Deer (register) mushrooms (jo) kidney (pitch a camp) treasure (po) Virtue (untie) country (body) devil (ma) stick (forget)
Inner capacity  Six tablets  10 capsules  7 capsules
Pharmaceutical products ingredient which was detected Sildenafil Sildenafil Sildenafil
Quantity that was detected  123 mg in one tablet  94 mg out of 1 capsule  30 mg out of 1 capsule

  Product photograph (attached sheet pdf)


 To 2 citizens

About 3 sildenafil

Citrate of sildenafil is approved as pharmaceutical products (brand name: Viagra locks) in the country.
In addition, adaptation of approved sildenafil citrate and main side effects are as follows.
Adaptation: Erectile dysfunction
Side effect: Vasodilatation, headache, heartbeat
Warning in attached document:
 Depression action reinforces by combination with nitric acid agent which is medicine for high blood pressure and angina or nitric oxide (NO) grant agent (nitroglycerine, amyl nitrite, isosorbide dinitrate), and please be careful as you may lower blood pressure excessively.

4 reference materials

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage
○No approval unlicensed drug information


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