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Recent news (each left column includes past medical affairs, pharmaceutical practice information) about medical security

Important news
Date Notice number Title
November 25, 2016 imatsurigotosohatsu 1125 second About safety management in medical institution
July 26, 2016 imatsurigotosohatsu 0726 second About securing of security such as patients in medical institution
Medical affairs information
Date Notice number Title
NewApril 25, 2018 From child mother 0425 first
From the childs 0425 second
imatsurigotosohatsu 0425 first
shokihatsu 0452 first
About maintenance of document in conjunction with the former Eugenic Protection Act in medical institution, person with a disability facility (request)
NewFebruary 28, 2018 imatsurigotohatsu 0228 tenth
0228 first from medicine politics and economics
imatsurigotokenhatsu 0228 first
About establishment of matsurigotoshorei accompanied with the enforcement of clinical organon and the enforcement of the clinical organon enforcement regulations
NewFebruary 13, 2018 Unit feeling 90th
imatsurigotohatsu 0213 sixth
From medicine life 0213 first
rohatsu 0213 second
About some corrections of guidance for the appropriate handling of personal information in medical care, care-related company
NewJanuary 31, 2018 Office work communication
About common knowledge thorough confirmation of having possession or not of X-ray machine which condensers including highly-concentrated polychlorinated biphenyl were used in and early stage processing
NewJanuary 19, 2018 0119 first from medicine Masayasu About publication of proposal third for prevention of recurrence of medical accident (medical accident investigation system)
NewDecember 27, 2017 imatsurigotohatsu 1227 first About publication of result of follow-up investigation to affect asbestos (asbestos) use fact-finding in hospital and future correspondence
NewDecember 18, 2017 Office work communication About interpretation of "dentist who always works" in the dentist clinical training
Past medical affairs information is this   
Pharmaceutical practice information
Date Notice number Title
NewMarch 30, 2018 Office work communication About collection of questions and answers about the handling of dealership of medical equipment and repair business (Q&A) (PDF)
NewMarch 30, 2018 yakuseisohatsu 0330 first
yakuseiyasuhatsu 0330 sixth
About common knowledge of "drugstore hiyari hat example collection, analysis business 18th count report" (PDF)
NewMarch 29, 2018 Medicine 951st About some revisions of "retrospective search guidelines to affect blood products" (PDF)
NewMarch 29, 2018 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0329 26th About reexamination result 2017 (4) such as new pharmaceutical products (PDF)
NewMarch 16, 2018 The 0316th first from medicine Masayasu
yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0316 first
yakuseikishinhatsu 0316 first
yakuseiyasuhatsu 0316 first
About change of small diameter connector product of the field of enteral nutrition (PDF)
NewMarch 2, 2018 Medicine 871st About designation of governor designation drug based on prevention of Kanagawa drug abuse regulations Article 10 Clause 1 (PDF)
NewMarch 1, 2018 yakuseiyasuhatsu 0301 first About common knowledge of safe information report system such as pharmaceutical products, medical equipment (PDF)
Past pharmaceutical practice information is this   
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Date Title
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