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Recent news (each left column includes past medical affairs, pharmaceutical practice information) about medical security

Important news
Date Notice number Title
October 4, 2017 imatsurigotohatsu 1004 sixth About 2017 nosocomial infection measures class (application was finished)
November 25, 2016 imatsurigotosohatsu 1125 second About safety management in medical institution
July 26, 2016 imatsurigotosohatsu 0726 second About securing of security such as patients in medical institution
Medical affairs information
Date Notice number Title
NewOctober 5, 2017 Office work communication About prevention of distribution of forged pharmaceutical products (reporting)
NewSeptember 26, 2017 Office work communication About use of supersonic waves video diagnosis device by Rev. judo therapy (alert)
NewSeptember 12, 2017 imatsurigotohatsu 0912 first About the handling such as death certification using information and communication apparatus (ICT)
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Pharmaceutical practice information
Date Notice number Title
NewJuly 26, 2017 From medicine life 0726 first About the enforcement such as government ordinances revising drug, drug raw materials plant, psychotropic drug and government ordinance appointing drug psychotropic drug raw materials and drug and a part of the psychotropic drug control method enforcement order (PDF)
NewJuly 25, 2017 Office work communication The harmful effect education teaching materials about distribution of "let's learn harmful effect" (for 2017) (PDF)
NewJuly 12, 2017 Office work communication About homepage publication of "correspondence manual according to serious side effect disease" (PDF)
NewJuly 12, 2017 yakuseikammahatsu 0712 first About forgery confirmed in China of type B chronicity liver disease therapeutic drug "BEM Liddie lock 25 mg" (PDF)
NewJuly 10, 2017 Office work communication About 2016 public welfare labor administration promotion investigation business subsidy (public welfare labor science special study business) "study about drugstore, promotion of side effect report that utilized function of pharmacy" result (PDF)
NewJuly 7, 2017 yakuseikammahatsu 0707 first Hit notice matter affecting changes of indication such as division of pharmaceutical products (PDF)
NewJuly 7, 2017 yakuseiyasuhatsu 0707 first About pharmaceutical products which switched over from instruction pharmaceutical products required to OTC drug (PDF)
NewJuly 4, 2017 yakuseiyasuhatsu 0704 third About common knowledge of "precautions" of pharmaceutical products containing codeine phosphate hydrate or dihydrocodeine phosphate revision (PDF)
NewJuly 4, 2017 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0704 first About some revisions about "the handling of drugstore production sale pharmaceutical products" (PDF)
NewJuly 3, 2017 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0703 fourth
yakuseiyasuhatsu 0703 first
About notice matter on using quetiapine fumarate sustained release preparation (PDF)
NewJune 29, 2017 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0629 fourth About reexamination result 2017 (1) such as new pharmaceutical products (PDF)
NewJune 21, 2017 From medicine life 0621 second About part revision of departmental order to establish uses such as medical care to prescribe to four of designation drug to prescribe in law Article 2 Clause 15 and law Article 76 about quality, effective and safe securing of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment (PDF)
NewJune 21, 2017 Medicine 222nd About designation of governor designation drug based on prevention of Kanagawa drug abuse bylaw Article 10 Clause 1 (PDF)
NewJune 21, 2017 Office work communication About conduct of the continuous training for office manager of 2017 medical equipment dealership, loan business and medical equipment repair responsible technical manager of medical equipment repair business (PDF)
NewJune 20, 2017 Medicine 219th About correspondence to affect steady supply of generic medicine published on June 15, 2017 by price standards for medicines prescribed under the Health Insurance System (PDF)
NewJune 14, 2017 From medicine life 0614 first About some revisions of poison and dynamite designation law (PDF)
NewJune 13, 2017 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0613 first About revision of criteria of poisonous and deleterious substances (PDF)
NewJune 9, 2017 Office work communication About collection of questions and answers about advertisements of new designation unregulated drug (vitamin-containing health agent) (Q&A) (PDF)
NewJune 9, 2017 yakuseiyakushinhatsu 0609 fourth
yakuseiyasuhatsu 0609 first
About off-label use of pharmaceutical products which caught prior evaluation about well-known application newly in pharmaceutical affair, Food Sanitation Investigation Council (PDF)
Past pharmaceutical practice information is this   
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Date Title
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