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Important news

Update information


Yokohama-shi suicide measures site ... ... yokohama to assist which lives, and is connected

Yokohama-shi own death bereaved hot line

Counselor specialized targeting at people who lost important family and friend by own death (suicide)
It is telephone consultation to watch story slowly.

Please call without taking on hard feeling alone.

Exclusive telephone 045-226-5151

3 Wednesday (on holiday, we are absent)   first on every establishment day in month 
  Reception hours from 10:00 to 15:00
  Which lost important person including target person family and friend by own death (suicide)

Regardless of house, whom is it available in?
 Specialized counselor copes.
 We listen to story by anonymity and do.
 About contents which we listen and did, we keep absolutely quiet about secret.



The first half

Reception hours 

The second half of the year 

Reception hours 

April 4 /18 day 

From 10:00 to 15:00 

October 3 /17 day 

From 10:00 to 15:00 

May 2 /16 day  November 7 /21 day 
June 6 /20 day  December 5 /19 day 
July 4 /18 day  January 16
August 1 /15 day  February 6 /20 day 
September 5 /19 day  March 6 /20 day
                           ※On January 2, we are absent for rest agency day

◇It is flyer which we published gathering of own death bereaved and schedule of own death bereaved hot line in.
   →Flyer is this 
          The flyer back side 

◇Gathering of Yokohama-shi own death bereaved "soft breeze"  → For more information:

◇Gathering, telephone consultation of the own death bereaved in Kanagawa   → For more information:

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