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He/she may think "to but die" in now when we have "connection" with you. But you are not alone. There is hand to connect you and "power to live" for to; at first please talk. Consultation clicks screen

Self-check of heart We link to health consultation center special page of heart  Cabinet Office which is suicide measures reinforcement month in March  Heart is the maintenance shiyo MHLW, too  To 9 capital prefecture city special pages

go suicide whole country mental health welfare center long meeting-proof  Suicide preventive general measures center  The mental health MHLW of all  The ear MHLW of heart


・We announce result of "civic attitude survey about health of heart" in 2016
For more information:                          (February 28, 2017)

・We carry out the suicide measures consultation practice training in 2016.  For more information:
    →Application was finished     (November 18, 2016)

・It is suicide measures reinforcement month in September. We carried out the following business.
    We held health consultation center cosponsorship lecture of Yokohama City University, Yokohama-shi heart.
   "It is this thing - "that you can do it ... to notice signature of dependency in detail then

  We carried out in total special conference for suicide measures reinforcement month in September.
    Health consultation special conference of multiple debt and heart 
     For more information: 
     Application is Civic Affairs Bureau public hearing consultation section. From Monday, September 12 → Application was finished
  Other approaches are this  

・We held the suicide measures basics training on Friday, June 24. For more information:

We posted plan of 2016 of own death bereaved hot line, gathering of own death bereaved "soft breeze". (March 28, 2016) 
  Specifically, it is this page

Inquiry counter
  List of consultation counters to support person troubled with mental health or multiple debt

Collection of links to related organizations

・ Site map

Mobile site is this place!
Portable suicide measures site QR code
In mobile site, we show around various consultation.
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