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About radiation task force

 After Tokyo Electric Power The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, station worked on radiation measures transversely in Yokohama-shi disaster headquarters radiation measures department, but, after the abolition of Yokohama-shi disaster headquarters on March 27, 2012, it followed and found security, relief of citizen's and installed Yokohama-shi radiation task force for the purpose of dissolving uneasiness on the same day.



 General manager: Four deputy mayors (lead Deputy Mayor unification general manager)
 Deputy general manager: The Health and Social Welfare Bureau head, the Environmental Planning Bureau head
 The secretariat: Health and Social Welfare Bureau health security section

Headquarters constitution The staff that deputy mayor, kikikanrikan, chairperson Director General, policy chief of the bureau, Policy Bureau policy coordination charge director, director at general affairs, General Affairs Bureau crisis control general manager, financial chief of the bureau, Director citizen, economic chief of the bureau, Child and Youth Bureau length, Health and Social Welfare Bureau length, Director health, Supervising Director-Generals (radiation measures charge) such as Health and Social Welfare Bureau monitoring, Environmental Planning Bureau length, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau length, Director building, Director road, Director harbor, Director firefighting, Director water supply, the superintendent of education, other general managers admit
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