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Information about environmental hygiene-related business

 It is site of Yokohama-shi public health center health security department Health Sanitation Division here. We offer information about environmental hygiene-related business.

Environmental hygiene-related business

 Based on law established every each type of industry, it is necessary to receive authorization beforehand to do business in hairdressing place, beauty place, cleaning place.
 Business facility environmental hygiene-related in Environmental Sanitation SectionWe carry out plan, adjustment about monitoring instruction for facility after authorization and business start and inspection of this. In addition, please be careful as it is Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division Environmental Sanitation Section of ward with facility in the windows such as application, report, consultation about environmental hygiene-related business facility.

 Environmental hygiene-related business facility
 Use of hot spring facilities such as inn, performance ground, bath ground such as public bath, hairdressing place, beauty place, cleaning place, graveyard, kaseijoto

 ... news ...

 In public bath, hotel business facility, self-government manual is necessary.
 As we publish an example of self-government manual in information page about self-government manual on making self-government manual, please see.

 We made brochure about structure standard, health code to establish in "the public bath enforcement regulations" of Yokohama-shi.
 Brochure "changes structure standard, health code of public bath"

 We placed information about eyelashes extension, eyelash-curl.
 About eyelashes extension, eyelash-curl

 We placed information about prior confirmation such as firefighting laws and ordinances.
 Please consult with fire department before beginning business

 We made flyer which we summarized procedure about the use of hot spring in.
 Flyer "information for ... necessary/required procedures ~ to person thinking about the use of hot spring"

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