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Yokohama-shi rubella measures business

      Cooperating Medical Institutions list
    (investigation, please click this in Cooperating Medical Institutions.)


       In Yokohama-shi, to prevent outbreak of rubella and outbreak of "congenital rubella syndrome,"
          We carry out Vaccinations and examination of rubella of antibody
as "Yokohama-shi rubella measures business".

Target person

           In Yokohama citizens who have not used this business 19 years or older, 
            Woman (we cannot inoculate during the pregnancy) that 1 pregnancy is hoped for
Partner (marital status does not matter)             of woman that 2 pregnancy is hoped for
Partner (marital status does not matter)             of 3 pregnant women 
          ※1 measles rubella mixture (MR) vaccine or rubella alone vaccine which inoculation career is located within more than twice
               We do not become a target. 

          ※The use of 2 Yokohama-shi rubella measures business is only for once.
               (after having used rubella measures business after 27 in 30 second we cannot use.) 

            ... (PDF) that we carry out Vaccinations and examination of ... rubella of antibody to Yokohama citizens

Conduct period

           From April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019


          [Vaccinations] Measles rubella mixed vaccine once 3,300 yen (tax-included) 
         [examination of antibody] Examination of rubella antibody (blood test)   Free of charge 
           ※We inoculate vaccine from beginning or inoculate vaccine after the examination of antibody or are available which it is.

           ※When examination of antibody is hoped for after the vaccination, antibody cost of testing in the actual expenses is paid.


            The effect of the use tell medical institution made a reservation with about rubella measures business.
      Take thing which can identify address, full name, age (health insurance card, driver's license) 
         ※Please refer to medical institution made a reservation with for the details

Yokohama-shi rubella Vaccinations and examination of antibody Cooperating Medical Institutions

            ※About confirmation of Cooperating Medical Institutions, please click the following ward name. (one day a month update)
※We can inoculate any place other than the township.

Aoba Ward
Isogo Ward
Konan Ward
Seya Ward
Totsuka Ward
Hodogaya Ward
Asahi Ward
Kanagawa Ward
Kohoku Ward
Tsuzuki Ward  
Naka Ward
Midori Ward
Izumi Ward
Kanazawa Ward
Sakae Ward
Tsurumi Ward
Nishi Ward
Minami Ward

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