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About infectious disease (dengue fever, dicow yl infectious disease) that mosquito transmits

What is mosquito-mediated infectious disease?

 It is infectious disease to be transmitted because mosquito with pathogens such as virus or protozoan performs sucking blood of Homo sapiens.
  There are West Nile fever, yellow fever, dicow yl infectious disease (jika heat), chikungunia heat, dengue fever, Japanese Encephalitis, malaria.

  A lot of infectious diseases that mosquito transmits are reported abroad. When we make a voyage abroad, we grasp the local fashion situation before travel, and let's perform infection prophylaxis.
 Furthermore, most of these infectious diseases are found to be able to transmit mosquito (human line stripe mosquitoes) inhabiting Japan widely.
 Attention is necessary after returning home to prevent that infection enlarges from person who is infected abroad, and returned home in country.

 Because please confirm this, and measures to prevent infection "prevent infection" ⇒
 ◎ Flyer "will prevent infectious disease that mosquito transmits" (March, 2018 update PDF file 336KB)
 ◎ Poster "is not bitten by mosquito"           (May 27, 2016 PDF file 848KB)
         "We do not increase mosquitoes"          (May 17, 2017 update PDF file 915KB) 
         "We do not increase mosquitoes and are not bitten by mosquito" (May 17, 2017 PDF file 743KB)
               We are not bitten by mosquito 

About correspondence of Yokohama-shi


       "Yokohama-shi mosquito-mediated infectious disease measures guideline" (PDF file 339KB) April, 2016

    The examination of summary and virus results of investigating, please identify this the habitation situation of mosquito; about ⇒ "monitoring investigation of mosquito of Yokohama-shi"


Main mosquito-mediated infectious disease

Dicow yl infectious disease (jika heat)    

           In addition, by blood donation and sex, we may be infected.

           In addition, it turns out infection of pregnant woman causing microcephalic outbreak of fetus and that it causes neurologic symptom (Guillain-Barre syndrome).

                 Let's be in particular careful about the following things.

     (1) To one made a voyage to in endemic area 
    Let's take enough measures not to be bitten by mosquito! As for the measures method, please see "to save preventing infection".
        ◎ [departure] "Dicow yl infectious disease" is prevalent! (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare quarantine station PDF file)
    (2) Toward pregnant one and partner

        Dicow yl infection during pregnancy may cause microcephalia of fetus.
       Pregnancy with possibility and pregnant woman will refrain from travel to endemic area as much as possible.
       It is necessary to take mosquito measures close locally-proof out of necessity when we make a voyage.
        In addition, about the prevention of sexual intercourse infection, next is recommended.
        ⇒ When man and woman is staying in plague spot together, you use condom, or, in the case of sexual intercourse, refrain from sexual intercourse with or without symptom after returning home from plague spot for at least six months (when partner is pregnant woman during gestational period).

        ⇒As for at least six months, have the pregnancy in endemic area with or without symptom about woman of kyojikibo with a history of travel.

        ◎ To flyer "pregnant one and pregnancy with possibility" (PDF file 609KB)
        ◎ Women who are or may be pregnant (PDF file 77KB) [English version flyer]
        ◎ Para as pessoas grávidas ou pessoas com a possibilidade de estarem grávidas (PDF file 287KB) [flyer for Portuguese]

 ◆ To all of medical institutions
     * About reporting about jika heat and correspondence to patient (January 27, 2016) (PDF file 252KB) 
     * About the enforcement of government ordinance revising a part of the Infectious Disease Law enforcement orders (February 16, 2016) (PDF file 156KB)
     ◎ To flyer "jika heat which returned home from plague spot" for health instruction (December 19, 2016) (PDF file 525KB)

[as for the details about dicow yl infectious disease this] 


Dengue fever 

           It is reported that there are 50 million - 100 million patients all over the world every year.

           A part may suffer from dengue hemorrhagic fever of severe form.

 ◆ We were infected abroad, and in late years reports of person to develop in after returning home increased, and domestic infection was confirmed after an interval of approximately 70 years in 2014.
    (as for the correspondence of Yokohama-shi this)
    About ten - 20 is reported every year in Yokohama-shi, and attention is necessary.
    As for the measures method, please see "to save preventing infection".

  ◆ To all of medical institutions
    * About correspondence to patient to dengue fever (July 1, 2015) (PDF file 313KB) 

[as for the details about dengue fever this]

chikungunia heat

           The fashion was reported in Italy in 2007.

[as for the details about chikungunia heat this]

West Nile fever

           We are infected by being bitten by mosquito (striped mosquitoes such as culices such as Culex pipiens, human line stripe mosquito) holding West Nile virus.

[as for the details about West Nile fever this]


Plasmodium vivax (tertian Falciparum) of            Plasmodium genus protozoan, Plasmodium falciparum (falciparum malaria parasite),
           Independent or mixed infection such as Plasmodium malariae (4th heat Falciparum), Plasmodium ovale (egg-shaped Falciparum)

           According to the estimation of the World Health Organization (WHO), it is said that there are more than 200000000 people of affection and 2 million deads a year
           Report of person who was infected abroad in Yokohama-shi is several every year. .

           Fever repeats the fever period and the normal temperature period. (latency period, symptom, interval between the fever vary according to kinds of Falciparum).           
           It is aggravated and may result in death when we do not cure immediately.           

[as for the details about malaria this]

Yellow fever

                       Infection ring has following three.
            (1) Primate (infected with Homo sapiens accidentally) except primate - mosquito - Homo sapiens except tropical rain forest (the forest) model cycle ... Homo sapiens
            (2) Urban cycle ... ... ... ..., human - mosquito - Homo sapiens
            (3) Primate except middle (savanna) model cycle ... Homo sapiens - mosquito - Homo sapiens
           We may wake up large-scale out Blake for urban cycle.

           According to the estimate of World Health Organization (WHO), it is said that there are person from 80,000 a year to 170,000 of affection and 60,000 deads.   

           Even if most are infected, there is not symptom or is over only for light symptom, but approximately 15% of people of onset are aggravated.
           That case is remission from several hours to around one daySecondary to ki, revival of high heat and jaundice and bleeding tendency progress, 20-50%
           It is said that he dies. ※You do not completely heal, but symptom is reduced or disappear temporarily           

            We can inoculate Vaccinations of yellow fever only with specific inoculation engine. Please refer to the following page for the details.

            As for the treatment, symptomatic treatment plays a key role.

[as for the details about yellow fever this]

To prevent infection

Let's warn one made a voyage to to foreign countries not to be bitten by ... mosquito! ...

    ・ About the infectious disease fashion situation of travel, let's confirm on "infectious disease information for Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare quarantine station FORTH foreign countries passenger" or "Ministry of Foreign Affairs foreign countries security homepage".
    ・ In travel, we wear long sleeves, pants and avoid wearing sandals with bare foot, and let's warn not to expose the bare skin to light as much as possible.
    ・ Let's use protecting against insects agent appropriately. ※As for the point of use, please see the following.
    ・ Mosquito-repellent incense and mosquito net will take measures indoors not to be bitten by mosquito. (yellow-fever mosquito is active indoors)
    ・ When we have symptoms such as fever after returning home and returning home, please consult with quarantine station and the nearest Health and Welfare Center. ※Commercial antipyretic analgesic will prevent you from drinking.
    ・ Let's take measures not to be bitten by mosquito without symptom after returning home for around two weeks.
    ・ Blood donation within four weeks will restrain itself from returning home day from foreign countries to prevent the transfusion-associated infection spread.

   ☆ Point of use of protecting against insects agent (repellent) ☆ (medical treatment guidelines on infectious disease mosquito-mediated reference:)

   ○ Let's choose thing which "deet" (DEET) and "Ikari gin" (atomic bomb lysin) which are effective ingredient are included in to prevent mosquito.

       In Japan, as for a maximum of 30% of deet, thing of a maximum of 15% of density is sold to Ikari gin.

   ○ We follow use, the point and precautions depending on age, and let's use appropriately.

   ○ By water and sweat, we will repaint the durability of effect diligently to fall.
      When we use sunscreen, let's paint with protecting against insects agent from the top.

   ○ It will prevent you from leaving small exposure part such as neck, ear, the back of the hand, ankle.

 ◆ We gathered up about infectious disease measures when we made a voyage abroad. Please see to "one made a voyage to abroad".

Let's reduce personal mosquito

  As for the measures for human line stripe mosquito, this flyer "is careful about mosquito", and please see (February, 2018 update PDF file 624KB).

To all of medical institutions

Yokohama-shi public health center health security section health Risk Management Subdivision
Telephone: 671-2463 (weekdays from 8:30 to 17:15)
     664-7293 (the overtime mentioned above: emergency call dial)
FAX: 641-6074


     ・ Because aspirin promotes salicylic acid-based antifebrile ... bleeding tendency and acidosis
     ・ Because ibuprofen promotes nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug ... gastritis or bleeding


Press release document


    We do not increase mosquitoes in ... this summer calling for measures of mosquito by bus and subway either! We are not bitten by mosquito! ... (June 1, 2017) press release document 

    Press release document which strengthens preventive enlightenment of mosquito-mediated infectious disease (May 18, 2016) 

    We start monitoring investigation into mosquito in 25 places of cities! (June 2, 2015) press release document


Document concerned




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