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About new influenza

New influenza is totally novel influenza that the human does not have immunity toward. We mutate so that influenza of chicken which is popular around Asia is prevalent among people, and it is said that new influenza may occur now.
 Because nobody includes immunity in new influenza, many people are infected when prevalent once, and it is thought that it is aggravated. In addition, it may spread through the world in an instant when new influenza occurs world somewhere.
  Let's acquire right knowledge about measures such as new influenza.


Basic knowledge of influenza

How are a cold and influenza different? What should the prevention of influenza do? At first let's acquire basic knowledge of influenza.


 We gathered up about measures not to suffer from attention (PDF) influenza for influenza infection and actions to be taken when we had been infected.

 What is "cough etiquette" about cough etiquette (PDF)? Let's keep cough etiquette in mind for prevention of infection.

Brochure ~ for ... citizen, companies "will practice now! We issued new influenza measures!

 "New influenza devised measures action plan" in Yokohama-shi in December, 2013, but issued brochure which gathered up point to tell about contents of action plan clearly toward citizen's all of you and company!
 Also, it is contents which you can make use of now including intention from on day to comprise for new influenza how we should cope after the outbreak from preparations before new influenza outbreak with this brochure! You see and will push forward preparations for outbreak now by all means.
In addition, please inflect in the training in office as you made English version.

<brochure> We will practice now! New influenza measures (PDF) (October, 2014)
<leaflet> Let' s try now! Measures for Pandemic Influenza (PDF) (Issued in November 2014) new

About development of "measures action plan as for Yokohama-shi new influenza"

 Continued up to the present day after revision of several times since devised "Yokohama-shi new influenza measures action plan" about new influenza measures of Yokohama-shi in December, 2005, but was taken effect on April 13, 2013; "new influenza revised plan based on measures special measures law", and "Yokohama-shi new influenza devised measures action plan".

* Yokohama-shi new influenza measures action plan (H30. April revision) (PDF)
* Summary version (PDF)


 ・ Kanagawa new influenza measures action plan (H25. August) (PDF)
 ・ The measures Government action plan (H25. June) such as new influenza (PDF)

New influenza about operational start of registration system on Internet WEB about specific inoculation based on measures special measures law

By "measures special measures law as for new influenza" enforced in April, 2013 (is called "special measures law" as follows.) to healthcare workers at the time of outbreak such as new influenza system about Vaccinations (specific inoculation) was established, and had hospital, clinics , drugstore, temporary nursing at home station, assistant delivery room, dental clinics (is called "medical institutions" as follows.) do registration application in (from October, 2016 March, 2017) in in 2013 (from January, 2014 March) and 2016.
 Receptionist of new registration application is closed on March 17, 2017. We change in Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in about 2018, and, including new company, registration application which was not in time for this registration in what is going to carry out acceptance hopes that we have you register on this occasion.
□Medical institutions that registration has been already completed

In registration contents of change when there is not, special procedure is not necessary.
When registration contents have change, after checking the registration points, we hope that we have you change on system and file.
 Please contact reference (Help Desk) about the following specific inoculation management system operation if you have any questions.

[requirements of change] (specific inoculation home - page: registration application Q&A P10 Question 6 reference of field of identification inoculation (medical care))

When the following contents have change, report of change is necessary.

□Publication matter (registration application company name, kind, office name of business and the location)

□The registration number of people (thing with the increase and decrease of more than 5% is best.)

□Contact information (phone number and E-mail address) of registration application company

□Inoculation conduct medical institution information (inoculation conduct medical institution name, the location and phone number)


  ※When we cannot change by system, we will submit written notification of change to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


□Specific inoculation-related homepage and reference

Specific inoculation management system


Specific inoculation homepage (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)


 ・Reference (Help Desk) about specific inoculation management system operation]
 Telephone: 03-5510-3318 (weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00)


With 1 specific inoculation

  Vaccinations to perform to the next person temporarily when new influenza occurs based on special measures law Article 28

・"Thing which it is working company contributing to duties of medical offer or people's life and stability of national economy, and receives registration of the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare"

・Public employee who is engaged in conduct of measures such as new influenza


≪Point to keep in mind≫

・There is effort duty to carry out medical offer continuously in registration company at outbreak such as new influenza. (special measures law Article 4 Clause 3)

・We judge object, the inoculation total number of real specific inoculations, inoculation order after the outbreak such as new influenza in government task force and are decided. Therefore we are not necessarily targeted for conduct of specific inoculation even if we receive registration of the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.


Registration requirements (please confirm newly when you perform registration application.) of 2 specific inoculations

  It is necessary to meet requirements of next (1) and (2) to be targeted for registration of specific inoculation.

(1) Being company performing business listed in "the registration point of specific inoculation" (medical field).

At outbreak such as new influenza,

Medical business that we offer such as 1 new influenza 


Medical business that we provide about two folds size and urgent life protection

※Hospital, clinics which does not perform medical service under health insurances such as vanity surgery is excluded.


(2) Making medical treatment continuation plans such as new influenza at the time of outbreak.

  ※ In the measures Government action plan such as new influenza, making of medical treatment continuation plan is demanded from all medical institutions.

  ≪About making of duties (medical treatment) continuation plan≫
* About making of duties (medical treatment) continuation plan at the time of outbreak such as new influenza (January 17, 2014 notice)
 * Dental clinic expectation (March 19, 2014 notice)

<reference materials>
 * Product for clinics
  "Medical treatment continuation plans at the time of outbreak (plan) such as new influenza" (Japan Medical Association making is edition)
 * No floor clinics , product for small scale, middle scale hospitals
  Guides of the making of medical treatment continuation plan at the time of outbreak such as new influenza
 * Product for large-scale middle scale hospitals
   "Guide for measures planning as for new influenza in medical institution"
 * Product for drugstores
   "Making example for duties continuation plan (plan) drugstores at the time of outbreak such as new influenza" (Japanese pharmacist society making is edition)
  ※Please refer to guide for no floor clinics for temporary nursing at home station, assistant delivery room.

3 and others (please confirm newly when you perform registration application)

When we assume drugstore, temporary nursing at home station, assistant delivery room inoculation conduct medical institution any place other than own facility, we build the cooperation system about inoculation conduct medical institution and conduct of specific inoculation, and it is necessary to exchange "memorandum about the inoculation system of specific inoculation".

New influenza about development of inhabitants inoculation guidelines based on measures special measures law

 In Yokohama-shi, as for Yokohama-shi new influenza, "new influenza devised inhabitants inoculation guidelines based on measures special measures law" based on measures action plan in March, 2016.

 * New influenza inhabitants inoculation guidelines (PDF) based on measures special measures law

 <with inhabitants inoculation>
  When new influenza occurs in the country, and emergency declaration is carried out for new influenza, new influenza is Vaccinations which the municipalities carry out for inhabitants based on measures special measures law.


Related site about new influenza

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