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About highly pathogenic avian influenza

What's New

 In the country, highly pathogenic avian influenza virus is detected in wild bird which died, but is not detected in Yokohama-shi.
 Please refer to this (City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau zoo section) for information about highly pathogenic avian influenza in wild bird which died in Yokohama-shi.


About the infection prevention of bird flu

Do not approach chicken, do not touch!

 Bird flu is infection related to influenza virus moving from chicken to chicken. It is usually thought that we are not infected with person unless heavy contact with infected chicken is special. In addition, example that bird flu infected person from wild bird in the country is not reported until now.
 In everyday life, it is not necessary to worry excessively, but please be careful about the following things just to make sure.

◆It will prevent you from touching directly if we find wild bird which weakens, and died
◆Let's wash our hands immediately when we touch

 In addition, we do not approach birds, and attention is necessary because there is area that bird flu produces when he/she goes abroad. For more details, please see "to one made a voyage to to foreign countries".

 Even if bird flu occurs in birds, it is not that chicken and small bird bred at home or school are dangerous promptly. For birds, we do appropriate breeding, and let's try for health care of one to breed. (about how to contact wild birds October, 2017 Ministry of the Environment homepage)

About highly pathogenic avian influenza

(1) Infection of highly pathogenic avian influenza

  • Highly pathogenic avian influenza points to thing due to specific virus which is high in the death rate of infected chickens among bird flu. Or we are infected from chicken with bird through water, excrement directly.
  • It is infectious disease to move from chicken to chicken and may not usually infect person, but example that infected person is foreign territory, and it is reported basically by close contact (we breathe in feces which became powdered, and virus enters at nose through hand which touched feces and the internal organs of the chicken) with infected chicken.
  • When we are extremely rarely infected with person, other than influenza-like symptom (high heat, cough more than 38 degrees Celsius), diarrhea is reported. Whole body symptoms such as dyspnea or multiple organ failure may be caused.
  • It is not reported worldwide that person eats chicken and hen's egg and is infected with bird flu virus.
  • We usually carry out hand-washing strictly, and let's try for health care.

(2) Attention about foreign tour

 You do not touch dead chicken which country, area (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries homepage) where highly pathogenic avian influenza is prevalent in poultry (chicken, duck, quail) or person made a voyage to to country, area (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage) where patient of bird flu is confirmed confirms the latest information on homepages, and does not drop in at market and stud farm treating locally live chicken, and please be careful enough.

To person breeding birds

 Even if bird flu of birds occurs in the country, it is not that chicken and small bird bred at home or school are dangerous promptly. Is appropriate; if keep, and do one, may not worry more than required.

(1) Main symptom (in the case of birds)

  • We ruffle feather losing spirit that come to have no appetite suddenly, and it is feeble with neck, and symptom such as bowing the head appears. He may die suddenly.

(2) Preventive method

[for birds]

  • We usually observe health condition of birds, and there is not the symptom mentioned above, or let's be careful. When you have abnormal symptom, please consult animal hospital.
  • You perform cleaning of breeding hut regularly, and please work to prevent excrement from leaking appropriately.
  • Let's prevent that wild birds invade breeding hut and drinking fountain.
  • Let's stop pasturage.

[for feeders]

  • When we touched birds or the excrement, let's wash our hands by all means.
  • When influenza-like symptom (high heat, cough more than 38 degrees Celsius) comes out, please consult medical institution early.

Inquiry, consultation counter

(1) Thing about poultry (poultry farming)

  • Environmental Planning Bureau agriculture promotion section TEL 045-711-0636 FAX 045-721-6356
    ※When you recognize abnormality to chicken in people of few breeding of poultry farming farmhouse and poultry (chicken, duck, quail, pheasant, ostrich, Guinea fowl, Meleagris gallopavo), please contact animal hospital or shinnakawakenkenoka*hokeneiseisho (telephone 046-238-9111). (Kanagawa homepage"Bird flu information")


(2) Thing about bird (pet) breeding at home


(3) Thing about wild bird


(4) Thing about food (chicken, hen's egg)


(5) Thing about highly pathogenic avian influenza (health of person)

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