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About Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)

About Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)

  • MERS is infectious disease confirmed for infection with MERS coronavirus for the first time in 2012.
  • Infection course…We have not known how person is infected with MERS exactly yet. It is said that Arabian camel is one of source of infection animals of MERS virus. On the other hand, a lot of people without contact career with animal are included in patient, too. Infection between close contacts including family interval and patient interval in medical institution that conduct of infection measures is insufficient, patient - healthcare worker interval is reported.
  • Latency period, symptom…After latency period of around 2-14 days, most patients have pneumonia for fever and acute severe respiratory symptom. It is said that mild patient and views may be atypical among them.
  • Cure…There are no vaccine for MERS and specific cure now. It becomes treatment (symptomatic treatment) depending on symptom of patient.
  • The prevention…It confirms the trendy situation in travel at the time of foreign tour, and it avoids contact with enforcement and animal of hand-washing, and it is important to keep general hygiene measures in mind.

To citizen's all of you

At first please consult about applicable one to Health and Welfare Center Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section of each ward or Yokohama-shi public health center health security section health Risk Management Subdivision (TEL: 045-671-2463 FAX: 045-664-7296) on the telephone as follows without consulting medical institution directly.
※Emergency contact information such as as follows applicable cases is this place any place other than the business hours on weekdays

Symptom Patient background
A. It presents acute respiratory symptom with fever more than 38 degrees and cough,
Person that real pulmonary lesion (e.g.,: pneumonia or ARDS) is doubted clinically or radiographically
We made a voyage to area for (※) within 14 days before onset or lived
i. Person with acute respiratory symptom (we include mild case.) with fever Within 14 days before onset in area for (※),
  • We had a medical examination or visited medical institution
  • Thing with a history of contact with person that it was decided to be MERS
  • Thing with a history of close contact with Arabian camel
Cormorant. Person with fever or acute respiratory symptom (we include mild case.) Within 14 days before onset, is it area for?
  • Examine patient that MERS is doubted, nursing or thing note which cared for
  • We made living together (we include case that stayed in sickroom where the patient concerned is admitted to or ward.) with patient that MERS was doubted
  • We touched pollutants such as respiratory tract secreting fluid of patient that MERS was doubted or body fluid directly

※Area for: The Arabian Peninsula or the neighboring nations
        (United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, at Jordanian (June 11))
"Medical examination, nursing or thing which we cared" for is healthcare worker or caretaker and does note with person with patient and opportunity to touch by medical examination, nursing or care in medical institutions routinely. "Contact" of this case means that distance (2 meters is used as an indication.) that can talk in meeting needs and is not merely only by slight contact to pass each other. In addition, person who wore standard infection protector (when possibility of surgical-style mask (aerosol generating is thought about N95 mask), gloves, protector, gown of eyes) appropriately is not included in this even if it is healthcare worker.

To all of medical institutions

When there is suspected case corresponding to report standard of MERS, please talk on the telephone promptly to public health center (emergency call dial).

[emergency call dial]
Yokohama-shi public health center health security section health Risk Management Subdivision
Telephone: 045-671-2463 (weekdays from 8:30 to 17:15)
     045-664-7293(the overtime mentioned above: emergency call dial)
       ※This contact information becomes contact information for emergency on holiday by night. 
       When there is not emergency, you are not expected.

FAX: 045-641-6074

It is notice for each medical institution from Motoichi

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