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About place (so-called Mike Rothe pot) where radiation dose of price that was higher than the outskirts was measured

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 In Yokohama-shi, nursery school, elementary and junior high school measures space radiation dose of approximately 4,300 facilities until now, but problem and value that it is do not appear with radiation dose of space that usually lives (0.01μSv/h an hour at the minimum - up to 0.21μSv/h).

 Air dose of current Yokohama-shi is value that can live a normal life in peace.

 However, existence is known nationwide and place indicating space radiation dose high locally expressing as so-called Mike Rothe pot is how old this time in the city or is confirmed.

 [press release document]

 [correspondence of nursery school]

About place (so-called Mike Rothe pot) that radiation doses are higher in than 2 outskirts

 Radioactive material released by hydrogen explosion happened in the middle of March descended with rain, and so-called Mike Rothe pot soaked into the earth and sand and repeated drying and sedimentation, and it was relatively high radioactivity concentration.

 Generally, gutters of rain doino bottom and road are said that it is easy to be spotted micro.

 Distance is related to radiation dose of Mike Rothe pot, and air dose lowers if we leave a little to say 50cm, 1m. In addition, about place that is easy to become the following Mike Rothe pots, brisk cleaning is effective.

 In addition, please take the following homepages into account when it is everyday cleaning of home and is worry.

 In Yokohama-shi, we perform the measurement sequentially about microplace considered that it is easy to be spotted around elementary and junior high school, park where children gather.


[place that is easy to become Mike Rothe pot] ・The outskirts of haunt, eaves trough of dust and outlet port neighborhood, drainage and manhole, dry trace of puddle

[reference: cleaning method] Hotspot discovery / decontamination manual (Japanese radiation safety management society) for personal houses
 Coping guidelines (Ministry of the Environment) to local pollution point with radioactive material

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