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Photograph of dog

Yokohama-shi animal protection center

Some assistance to microchip wearing expense

  2018 Yokohama-shi microchip wearing promotion business

  Application head count became 430 of them on January 18, 2019. It is finished as soon as budget of this year disappears even if we meet during application period.
              (around 500 planned numbers)

     Yokohama-shi assists a part of microchip wearing expense of dog/cat which we operated on after April 1, 2018 to return to owner early when we keep, and dog/cat has been lost.


  Purpose of this business

  To dog to breed citizen's based on purpose of the regulations (the March 5, 2006 regulations 17th) about protection of law (1973 law 105th) about protection of animal and management and Yokohama-shi animal and management and cat
  From animal relief center which accommodates protection in roam animals at the time of spread of owner clear statement enlightening and disaster occurrence about taking measures by promoting wearing of microchip early return rate and
   It is intended to improve return rate of accommodation animal in bi normal.


  Summary of this business

  Yokohama citizen breeds in the city
We assist 1,500 yen (the upper limit) about microchip wearing surgical operation one case of dog/cat. 
  In addition, the total number of target animals assumes around 500 of them (head count that we estimated as amount of upper limit 1,500 yen per one).

  Target person :Yokohama citizen
Target animal: It was dog/cat which Yokohama citizen bred in the city and put on microchip at registration animal hospital after April 1, 2018 and finished registration to AIPO
         In addition, it becomes condition to finish registration based on rabies prophylaxis and rabies vaccination in the case of dog.
  Supporting amount of money: Because of one of them 1,500 yen (forehead which paid when but surgical operation expense was less than 1,500 yen)

          ※We pay in account of applicant by approximately 3-4 or back issue from application.

  Application method: Bringing direct to animal protection center or mail 
  Reception desk period: From May 7, 2018 to March 5, 2019 (in the case of mail, effective to postmark on March 5, 2019)

   * As it may take around one month for registration to AIPO, we would like wearing early. (wearing just before the deadline in particular, please be careful)
   * It is finished as soon as budget of this year disappears even if we meet during application period.


 * Citizen's all of you (please click this) that assistance is hoped for

 * All of animal hospitals where participation is hoped for in this business (please click this)

 * Registration animal hospital (please click this)


 With microchip…

  * With 2mm in diameter, cylindrical electronic mark appliance of around 8-12mm in length, the inside consists of IC, condenser, electrode coils, and the outside is covered with life conformity glass.
  * 15 columns of only numbers are recorded in the world, and each tip can read this number in exclusive leaders (reading device).
  * We are used in security of animal as certain individual identification (birth and parentage proof) widely all over the world including Europe and America, and in late years users increase even in our country mainly on dog and cat.
  * It is useful for theft of animal and prevention of lost child to state owner clearly to pet, lost child animal of owner become easy to be restored. In addition, of abandonment and escape animal by improvement of consciousness of owner lead to preventing.
  ※Flyer of Ministry of the Environment about microchip is this


  Ward Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division

  Yokohama-shi animal protection center      Telephone: 045-471-2111

  Nonprofit foundation Yokohama-shi veterinarian society telephone: 045-751-5032

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