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Yokohama-shi animal protection center

Sterility castration operation promotion business of cat

  Because sterility castration operation promotion business of cat does not increase cats without owner, we assist some operation costs.

* Sterile castration operation promotion business of 2018 Yokohama-shi cat

Because we do not increase "cats without owner", Yokohama-shi assists some sterility castration operation expenses of cat operated on after April 1, 2018.

* Purpose of this business
We recommend that sterility castration operates on cat without owner inhabiting the city based on purpose of the regulations (March 5, 2006 regulations 17) about protection of law (1973 law 105th) about protection of animal and management and Yokohama-shi animal and management and plan preventing of being annoyed decrease of cat without owner and harm for the neighborhood, and deepen understanding about in addition animal protection and management and is intended maintaining security of maintenance of living environment and civic life and that sterility castration supports operating groups to cat without owner.

* Summary of this business
We assist 5,000 yen (the upper limit) about sterility castration operation one case of "cat without owner".
In addition, the total number of supporting target animals assumes around 5,700 of them (head count that estimated supporting sum per one as amount of upper limit 5,000 yen).

 Application reception desk head count as of November 10, 2018 : 2,560 of them
 * We update on principle every Friday (when Friday is closed day open agency day, the following day). 

 Target person :Yokohama citizen and Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations in the city
 Target animal: "Cat without owner" which inhabits the city that we operated for at animal hospital in the following registration animal hospital list by March 5, 2019 from April 1, 2018.
 Head      Number :Around 5,700 of them
 FRI      Sum :Because of one of them 5,000 yen (forehead which paid when but operation expense was less than 5,000 yen)
We quite pay in account of applicant 3-4 months later after applying.
 Application window: Each ward Health Sanitation Division, animal protection center
 Application period: From May 7, 2018 to March 5, 2019
※Please apply by 10th in the next month operated on. Open agency day, the following day is the deadline when 10th is closed day.
                 As you cannot accept when it is past application period, please be careful.
                   As you finish acceptance even if it is application period as soon as budget disappears, forgive.

Operation conduct day 4/1-5/31 6/1-6/30 7/1-7/31 8/1-8/31 9/1-9/30 10/1-10/31 11/1-11/30 12/1-12/31 1/1-1/31 2/1-3/5
Application period  5/7-6/11 To 7/10 To 8/10  To 9/10  To 10/10  To 11/12  To 12/10  To 1/10  To 2/12  To 3/5 



 * Citizen's all of you (please click this) that assistance is hoped for

 * All of animal hospitals where participation is hoped for in this business (please click this)

 * Registration hospital list (please click this) 

 Contact information
 Each ward office Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division, Yokohama-shi animal protection center

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